The Weather in Fuerteventura in October

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With milder daytime temperatures, warm nights, a warm sea, little wind and mostly clear skies, October is considered by many to be the best time to visit Fuerteventura.

Daytime High Temperatures

Daily highs in October range from about 25 to 30°C with a median daytime high at Fuerteventura Airport of 25.9°C. There isn’t much high temperature difference between the island’s main resorts at this time of year. Temperatures may be a bit higher in the interior – especially on windless days.

Sunset from the South Coast of Fuerteventura
Sunset from the South Coast of Fuerteventura

Nightly Lows

At night, temperatures drop to around 20°C – perfect for al fresco dining. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the evenings in Costa Calma can be a bit cooler than other tourist resorts, so it might be a good idea to pack a light jacket or cardigan if you are staying there.


The first rains after the (normally) dry summer tend to arrive during the second half of the month – if they arrive at all. On average, there are 2 – 3 days with rain over 0.1mm, with an average total of 7.7mm. These numbers can be slightly misleading, and it’s more likely that there will either be some torrential rain, a few drops or no rain at all.


As usual, the northern half of the island can be a bit cloudier than the South – especially in the mornings. But it will mostly be lots of Sunshine!


October is the least windy month of the year in Fuerteventura with a median wind speed of 18kmph. Even some of the beaches favoured by windsurfers can be quite still at this time of year.

Sea Surface Temperatures

The sea remains around its yearly high temperature during the first half of the month at 22-24°C, before starting to drop slightly towards the end of the month. We also start to see the first Atlantic swells at this time of year, so some precaution should be used – especially on the North and West coasts.

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For accurate current temperature readings from Canary Islands Weather Stations, visit the Spanish State Meteorological service: Aemet

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