Also known as both El Castillo and Costa Caleta, this purpose-built holiday resort draws many British and Irish tourists. Its easy access to the airport (just 7Km), proximity to the Island’s capital, Puerto del Rosario, central location and good bus links make Caleta a great base from which to explore the island.

Caleta de Fuste Marina
Caleta de Fuste Marina, Fuerteventura

Caleta de Fuste boasts two 18 hole golf courses, three main beaches and a marina area, with an 18th Century fortified tower, known as El Castillo. Water-based activities including scuba diving, sailing and even submarine trips can be arranged at the marina. Though the resort is not close to any of the long and beautiful stretches of beach that Fuerteventura is famous for, Caleta de Fuste does offer some safe and family-friendly artificial beaches that are protected by rocky reefs and breakwaters.

Caleta de Fuste has two distinct parts: a northern part stretching inland from the marina and main beach, and a southern part with golf courses, a shopping centre and some artificial beaches. Since this whole area was created for Tourism, there is no town centre to speak of, though most restaurants and bars can be found in the northern half of the resort. The Atlantico shopping centre has a multi-screen cinema, bowling alley and lots of British-oriented shops and restaurants. In the same area is the Casino and a Convention Centre, just over the road from a McDonalds.

Even though there is no historic town, that doesn’t mean that the area is devoid of history: the 18th century Torre de San Buenaventura is a defensive tower (similar in appearance to a martello tower) located right beside the Marina at the Barcelo Castillo Resort. It was built to protect the island from pirates, and has 6 metre-thick walls! Also nearby are the Hornos de la Guirra Lime Kilns (on the sea front beside the Atlantico centre), though these are more recent (late 19th or early 20th century).

Also nearby are the Salinas del Carmen saltpans and attached Museo de la Sal Salt Museum.

Salinas del Carmen, Fuerteventura
Salinas del Carmen, Fuerteventura

Nuevo Horizonte (AKA Costa Antigua), is a satellite development located just north of Caleta de Fuste. Finally recovering from the overbuilding and uninhabited estates left over from the financial crisis, it is connected to Caleta de Fuste via a 2.5km coastal pedestrian promenade. There are a few small Irish Bars in Nuevo Horizonte, though it should be noted that there is no beach.

Sadly, several years on from the building boom, abandoned concrete skeletons still adorn the top of what was once known as ‘Chipmunk Mountain’ – a hill behind the main resort where tourists once went to feed the local Ground Squirrels.

Click here for information on how to get to Caleta de Fuste from the airport.

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  1. Ceri weston

    I’m looking at booking a holiday at caleta de fuste for June 2024 (not sure if you could recommend the best month to go either) were both flexible with our work

    It’s Just myself and husband we are both 50s
    Can I just ask you please as I’ve been looking on lots of websites but can’t find out what I want to know.

    Live music (acoustic) or any instrument
    Do many of the bars have live music (if so how many times a week approx)

    We’re not keen on karaoke or tribute acts
    And just wanted more information before we book

    Kind regards

    • Mr Terance Jackson

      Both myself and my wife are in our middle sixties and we go to caleta de fuste probably twice a year, somewhere around May time and always Christmas time. There are just a couple of bars that have live music on, maybe 2/3 times a week, those are in the Castillo centre. I have to say it’s not a resort for “music “as such, if you like live music I personally think that Correlejo would suit you best, there’s a lot more to do there, yes it can be “lively “but there is a lot more to do ie more bars, more restaurants, more shops, the only thing is ,it’s about an hour away from the airport, compared to caleta which is about 10 minutes away from the airport.Hope this is a help to you.

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