Fuerteventura Road
Road near Playa Barca, Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the longest island in the Canaries, meaning that distances between places are larger than you might expect on an island. The island’s airport is also not particularly well-served by public transport. With these factors in mind, it is important to plan how you are going to get around the island during your holiday.

Public Bus
Fuerteventura does have an extensive public bus network run by Tiadhe. However many places (including Corralejo) do not have a direct connection to the airport. Passengers wanting to get to areas not connected directly to the airport, must change buses in Puerto del Rosario.
For more information on buses in Fuerteventura, take a look at our Fuerteventura Bus Routes and Timetables page.

Taxis are a very convenient way of getting around inside a resort of town, however once your Taxi leaves its locality, fares mount up very quickly.
For example; a taxi from one part of Corralejo to another typically costs around €3 (or a little more at night), however a taxi from Corralejo to the airport will be around €58, and a taxi to Morro Jable can be as much as €150!

Car Hire
Considering that a week’s car hire costs as little as €110, the savings made getting to and from the airport alone make hiring a car worthwhile. Not to mention the advantages of having a car while sightseeing the island.
For more information on hiring a car, check our car hire guide.

Airport Transfers

For single travellers or those that do not want to hire a car, a pre-booked Airport transfer to your resort can be the most trouble-free and economical option. An airport transfer to Jandia can be had for as little as €15, a saving of about €85 compared to the same journey by Taxi. Click here for a transfer quote.

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