Depending on where you are staying, public buses may be a good option for getting around the Island. That said, Fuerteventura is a long island, so fares from Morro Jable to Puerto del Rosario will soon add up (€10 per journey). Other routes, such as Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario are much more economical (€3.40).

Buses are known locally as Guaguas (pronounced Wah-wah) – a term that is also used in the Caribbean, but not in Mainland Spain. The public bus company on Fuerteventura is Tiadhe.

Transfers from Fuerteventura Airport to your Accommodation

Getting to/from the Airport by Bus
Not all areas are well-connected to the Airport by Bus. However, both Caleta de Fuste and Puerto del Rosario are very-well connected to the Airport with regular buses running between 7am and just after midnight everyday (Route 03).

Bus routes also connect Morro Jable and Costa Calma directly to the Airport, however there are just 6 buses per day on weekdays and even less on weekends and public holidays (Route 10). Gran Tarajal is also connected with a somewhat infrequent service (Route 16).

To get to any other areas from the Airport, you must first get the bus to Puerto del Rosario’s Bus Station and change there.

Bear in mind that a Taxi from the Airport to Morro Jable will cost about €100, while a pre-booked transfer will cost about €15 per person. Since a transfer will drop you off at your hotel reception, this is often the best option for first-time visitors.

Seeing the Island by Bus
It is possible to see much of the island by public bus, however smaller towns and villages are often connected by infrequent buses, so careful planning is required. Fares can mount up quite quickly, so hiring a car may be more economical if there is a group travelling together.

Fuerteventura Bus Routes

Route No.StopsTimetable
01Puerto del Rosario – Antigua – Gran Tarajal – Costa Calma – Morro JableView
02Puerto del Rosario – Tefia – Betancuria – Vega de Rio PalmasView
03Puerto del Rosario – Hospital – Airport – El Matorral – Caleta de Fuste – Las SalinasView
04Pajara – La Pared – Costa Calma – Morro JableView
05Costa Calma – Playa Barca – Los Canarios – Morro JableView
06Puerto del Rosario – Parque Holandes – Los Hoteles – CorralejoView
07Puerto del Rosario – Tetir – Tindaya – La Oliva – Corralejo – El CotilloView
08Corralejo – Villaverde – La Oliva – Lajares – El CotilloView
09Pajara – Toto – Tuineje – Gran Tarajal – Costa Calma – Morro JableView
10Puerto del Rosario – Airport – Caleta de Fuste – Gran Tarajal – La Lajita – Costa Calma – Morro JableView
11Tuineje – Las Rosas – El Cardon – Marco Sanchez – La LajitaView
12Gran Tarajal – Health Centre – Las PlayitasView
14Puerto del Rosario – Los Estancos – El TimeView
15Puerto del Rosario – TriquivijateView
16Gran Tarajal – Tuineje – Tiscamanita – Agua de Bueyes – Valle de Ortega – Antigua – Triquivijate – Nuevo Horizonte – El Matorral – Airport – Playa Blanca – Hospital – Puerto del RosarioView
18Pajara – Cuchillete – Gran TarajalView
25Morro Jable – Costa Calma – La LajitaView
111Morro Jable – Puertito de la Cruz – Cofete 4×4 BusView

Further Reading

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261 Responses

  1. Dan wall

    Is there a number 10 bus from airport to morro jable on Wednesdays at 19:00 hours or 20:00 hours. How long to Morro Jable from airport and how many euros please?

    • administrator

      No, there is no bus at those times. The journey costs €9.70 and takes about an hour and a half.
      As an alternative, you could get a bus from the Airport to the Puerto del Rosario Bus Station and then take the no.1 bus from there to Morro Jable, however this bus takes a very long time as it stops at many small towns along the way.

  2. Actual Merlin

    What’s the quickest route to get to Las Playitas from the airport?

    I’m guessing I’d have to get a bus to Gran Tarajal and then another bus to Las Playitas but want to find the quickest service(s) to get there if possible.

    Thank you.

    • administrator

      There is no direct route, however you can get the number 6 bus from Corralejo Port to the Bus Station in Puerto del Rosario, and then the number 3 from there to the Airport.

    • administrator

      Follow the link for Bus Number 8. From here there is a map you can follow to find the nearest stop to Marina Village. It looks like either the stop before at the “Geafond” area as listed on the maps or the stop after, which is at Tamaragua.

  3. Ray Stimpson

    Hi what is the best way to get from the Airport to Moro Jable by bus as I arrive tomorrow Saturday 24th at 10:30am and it looks like the earliest bust is 13:45 from the airport is that correct? thanks

    • administrator

      Off the top of my head, it’s about 40 minutes each way. It’s been a while since I got that bus, perhaps you could give us an update once you’ve used it?

    • administrator

      No, you would need to get the No.3 bus to Puerto del Rosario Bus Station and then the No.6 from there to Corralejo.

  4. Ana


    could you please confirm what are the bus times from Morro Jable to Cofete and back?

    I am coming by car to Morro Jable – is the bus station easy to find? Is there parking around?

    Many thanks!

    • administrator

      Hi, The link to the timetable was broken but has now been fixed:

      There are only 2 buses per day (in each direction), leaving Morro Jable at 10:00 and 14:00, and leaving Cofete at 12:45 and 16:45.
      A word of warning: if it is a busy time of year, the bus is often full by the time it gets to Cofete on the return journey, and you would have to walk the 10km over the mountains to get back.

      The bus station is very easy to find, it is huge and would not be out of place in major city! Parking is another matter – you could park at Morro Jable port, though you run the risk of the bus being already full by the time it gets there as well.

      My advice would be to get the bus to Cofete, but be prepared to walk back (just in case). I would not even try to catch this bus during peak season – especially if you have a long drive to even get to Morro Jable. Also, if there are a few of you, it may be just as cheap to hire a 4×4 from a local rent-a-car company (the bus costs €8.70 each way). The road to Cofete is graded (but unsealed) and well-maintained, many people drive on it in ordinary small cars, the only issue is whether you are allowed to drive there under the conditions of your car rental agreement.

  5. Nikolei


    Is there any bus from El Cotillo to Corralejo tomorrow,Sunday in the evening?

  6. Philna Dippenaar

    Is there any type of hop-on-hop-of bus going around the island? I was in Puerto del Rosario once before and saw a sign near the harbour that said there is hop-on-hop-off, but I can’t find any info on it?

    • administrator

      Hi, Not that I know of – but, for some reason, it does ring a bell, so there may have been something like that in Puerto del Rosario in the past. The island is very long, so bus journeys are longer than you might expect (it takes a few hours to get from Morro Jable to Corralejo by Bus).

      If someone knows better, then please feel free to comment here.

  7. Daniel M Barnes


    I am staying in Costa Calms and looking to doing some trail runs from Morro Jable. How often are the buses and approx how much for a return journey. Thanks

    • administrator

      It costs €2.70 each way (there is no return ticket).
      Several buses serve this route: 1, 5, 10, 25, so they are frequent during the day.

  8. Kelly

    Hello, is there a bus I can take that leaves near La Oliva and goes to the Fuerteventura airport tomorrow (Thursday)? Thank you

  9. Kelly

    Hello, is ther a bus near La Oliva area to FUE airport? I need to pick up a rental car. Thanks!

  10. Chris


    At what time in the morning does n.10 leave from caleta del fuste to costa calma?


    • administrator

      It leaves Puerto del Rosario at 9.00 – so it will leave Caleta de Fuste about 10-15 minutes after that.

  11. feduphusband

    if my wife gets a no 1 bus from Puerto del resario to morro jable for a tour is there any toilet stops

    • administrator

      Hi, No, it’s a public bus service, so you would have to get off and wait for the next bus.

  12. Lucie

    what is the best way how to get from Costa Calma to Corralejo? How long does it take and how much does it cost? Is it easy to get there or do you rather recommend to rent a car?
    Thank you.
    Best regards, Lucie

    • administrator

      You would need to get the Number 1 bus to Puerto del Rosario, and then the number 6 from there to Corralejo. It would cost €10.95 one way and take about 2 and half hours. If you are planning a return journey, then I’d recommend hiring a car.

  13. Victor

    I wanted to go to Betancuria, coming from El Cotillo, spend the night there, and then go down to La Pared or Costa Calma.
    Seeing the bus routes, that seems very complicated though, what do you think the options could be?
    Thanks a lot!

    • administrator

      It’s do-able, although I’d leave La Pared out, as the bus to La Pared is very infrequent.

      • Victor

        Thank you. Line 4 doesn’t seem an easy option indeed.
        Could you please confirm that:
        – to do El Cotillo-Betancuria, the only option is line 7 to Pto Rosario, then line 2 to Betancuria
        – and then to go to Costa Calma, line 2 back to Pto Rosario, and line 1 to Costa Calma.
        Do you have any idea how long these different rides are?

        • administrator

          I’ve never got the bus from El Cotillo to Puerto del Rosario, but I’d guess it takes about 40mins.
          From memory, the bus from Puerto del Rosario to Betancuria takes about 45 minutes (it could be less). The bus from Puerto del Rosario to Costa Calma takes a long time: maybe 1 and a half hours.

  14. Leila

    Hi there,

    Can you tell me what time the buses run from Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario in the morning & then on to the airport during the week?

    I have a flight with check in around 9.30-9.45am for my return journey back home.

    Many thanks,


  15. Kirsty

    Hi. Could you please tell me if there is a bus between Calete de Fuste and Antigua? Cost? Duration? Thank you!

    • administrator

      Hi, The Linea 16 bus passes through both Nuevo Horizonte and Caleta de Fuste – though it is not very frequent. I don’t know the cost, but I would guess that it’s around €2 each way.
      You may be better off using the much more frequent number 3 and number 1 buses via Puerto del Rosario bus station.

  16. Pamela

    Is it possible to get a bus from Morro Jable port to Caleta de Fuste? is it 1 bus I would need or 2? We arrive at 12.20pm on a Saturday. Thanks

    • administrator

      Hi, The number 10 bus goes from Morro Jable to Caleta de Fuste, however it does not leave from the port, so you would need to walk into Morro Jable town to get it (about a 10 minute walk). I would suggest that you get an inexpensive Taxi from Morro Jable Port to Morro Jable Bus Station (Estación de Guaguas).
      Since the number 10 bus is infrequent, you may need to get the Number 1 bus from Morro Jable to Puerto del Rosario, and then the number 3 from there to Caleta de Fuste. Some number 10 buses even leave from Morro Jable port (check the timetable to see which ones).

  17. Amanda

    Hi, Can anyone advise how much a taxi would approx cost from Caleta de Fuste to Coralejo please ? Many Thanks

      • Amanda

        Thank you for your prompt reply. Our ferry to Lanzarote is 1130am on a Saturday morning therefore I am a bit apprehensive to get the bus.

        • administrator

          As long as you give yourselves plenty of time, you will have no problem getting the bus – and the number 6 leaves you in the port right beside the ferry.

  18. maria connolly

    Hi Can you tell me if its possible to get a bus from coralejo ferry port to Elba Castilo San Jorge hotel in Caleta del Fusca? If so do you have a timetable and cost please ..Thank you

    • administrator

      You can get a nmber 6 bus from Corralejo port to Puerto del Rosario bus station, and then a number 3 from there to Caleta de Fuste. You can find links to the timetables (with prices) in the main article above.

  19. Nikki Baker

    Hi, Could you tell me which bus for Caleta to Puerto del Rosario, the cost and times they run especially in the evenings and returns back to Caleta. Many Thanks.

    • administrator

      Hi, It’s the number 3 Bus. The link to the timetable is in the main article above.

      • Nikki

        Thanks for your reply, I must be missing something as I cannot see times for Caleta??

        • administrator

          Hi, Caleta de Fuste is a stop on the route between Puerto del Rosario and Las Salinas, so that is why there are no times for Caleta de Fuste itself. Las Salinas is just south of Caleta, so there is only a few minutes difference between leaving Las Salinas and arriving in Caleta.

  20. Alison

    Please can you tell me if you can buy a bus ticket for the day or for the week and hop on and off the buses as you like thank you very much our first visit

    • administrator

      As far as I know, there is nothing like that. There is a contactless card that you can buy aboard the buses (Bono No residente), that functions like an Oyster card, and gives you a 5% discount. It costs €2, and the minimum amount of credit that you can buy is €10. So, it’s probably not worth buying for most tourists.

  21. Colin

    Hi is there any buses that run from Tuineje to Corralejo ( the water park) please

  22. Veselin Noykov

    Please let me know when is the latest bus for today (20 sept.) from Puerto del Rosario to Jandia? Thank you.

  23. sasa ritonja

    will there be any buses from Morro Jable to Corallejo on 24th December (Christmas…)?
    Thank you!

    • administrator

      There is no direct bus route from Morro Jable to Corralejo, however I would expect buses to be running according to the normal Sunday/Holiday schedule.

  24. Mark

    Hi there, i am coming at the beginning of December and want to use the 111 service to and from Cofete and morro jable. I understand it only has a certain number of seats. Is it likely that there could not be enough seats for everyone on the journey back, leaving people stranded in Cofete.

  25. Joyce

    we are travelling in January and want to visit friends staying in Caleta de Fuste we are in Corralejo could you tell me how much the cost would be and what times buses are and return on a weekday. thank you

    • administrator

      Hi, You can get the number 6 bus from Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario, and then the number 3 bus from there to Caleta de Fuste. Please see the links above for timetables and prices.

  26. Carlijn

    Hi there!

    I wondered if it’s also possible to get a card for like a month, a abonnement or something to travel around the Island with that one, or is the only way to pay for every route/bus you take?

    Thank you in advance,

    Kind Regards

    • administrator

      Yes, there is a card available for non-residents. You can buy this card on-board the bus and it costs €2, and you have to purchase a minimum of €10 of credit. The user will then obtain a 5% discount on journeys paid for with the card.

  27. Andrew Beasley

    Hi. Could you please tell me the bus numbers and approximate cost. To travel from Caleta de Fuste to Corrales?
    Regards Andrew.

    • administrator

      Hi, Do you mean Corralejo? If so, you will need to get the number 3 to Puerto del Rosario (€1.45), and then the number 6 from there to Corralejo (€3.40).

  28. Andrew Beasley

    Hi! Thanks for your reply. I did mean Corralejo, so your advice was very helpful. We are visiting Fuerteventura on the with Jan. Thank You for your advice.
    Kind Regards Andrew.

  29. Christine Black

    Hi I am coming to Corralejo this month & would like to do a day trip from Corralejo to Jandia could you advise of bus numbers , times up to 11am for leaving & cost . Also rough times of buses on return journey

    • administrator

      Hi, You would need to get a number 6 from Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario and then either a number 1 or number 10 to Jandia. Total price is €13.40 each way. It would take about 3 hours each way. Please see the links above for timetables.

  30. Susan Pratt

    Hi from the airport where does the no 3 bus stop in Caletta close to Thonha gardens please .

    • administrator

      Hi, Do you mean Tahona Gardens? Is so, then the Caleta de Fuste Bus Station is the closest stop (about 750 meters away).

  31. G

    Not sure I’m reading the timetables correctly, can you tell me how often the buses run between El Cotillo and Puerto Del Rosario and also Puerto Del Rosario and the airport. Thank you.

    • administrator

      Hi, The buses between the airport and Puerto del Rosario are pretty regular – roughly every 15 minutes during the day. There are only 6 buses per day from Puerto del Rosario to El Cotillo.


    Hi, we will be staying in Costa Calma in May and have seen that Risco el Paso is one of the most beautiful beaches. As it seems too far to walk there along Sotavento beach we would like to take a bus as there are a few that go past on the way to Morro Jable. Do you know roughly how far the nearest bus stop is from Risco el Paso? Thanks very much.

    • administrator

      The number 5 bus between Costa Calma and Morro Jable stops at Barranco de los Canarios which would be the closest stop. There is also a bus stop at the Los Gorriones Hotel – however that stop is currently suspended due to the nearby motorway that is currently under construction. The Barranco de los Canarios stop is about 4km from the lagoon, but only about 1km from the coast. To be completely honest, I have seen and heard various beaches along the sotavento coast being referred to as ‘Risco del Paso’. Sometimes they mean the beach at the southern end of the lagoon, and sometimes the next beach to the south. It is more or less continuous beach for 20km, so plenty of room for confusion!

    • administrator

      Do you mean the Centro Comercial Atlantico in Calta de Fuste? If so, then no, there is no direct route. You would need to change buses at the Bus Station in Puerto del Rosario.

  33. Kevin

    Hi, hoping to travel from Costa Calma to Corralejo on a Saturday in March. From what I can tell I have to change at Puerto del Rosario but I’m confused by the times. I want to arrive in Corralejo as close to midday as possible. Then do the same trip back down to Costa Calma on the Monday morning. Can you help please?

    • administrator

      Hi, It takes a long time by bus to get to Puerto del Rosario – I suggest that you get the 08:30 Linea 1 Bus from Morro Jable (which stops at Costa Calma) and then the Linea 6 from Puerto del Rosario Bus Station to Corralejo in order to get to Corralejo for around midday. The return journey on Monday will take around the same amount of time.

      • Kevin

        Thanks, if it’s 8.30 from Morro Jable, do you know roughly what time it will be at Costa Calma stop? Thanks again really helpful

        • administrator

          I’m not sure exactly, but it takes about 15 minutes to drive from Morro Jable to Costa Calma by car – and there are quite a few bus stops on that route.

  34. Elaine Birch

    Hi I would like to visit the art gallery at La Oliva. I am staying at Caleta de Fuste. Can I get the number 10 to Puerto de la Rosario and then the 7 to La Oliva? Is it possible to do this in one day? How often do the run in the weekdays please?

    • administrator

      Yes, it is possible. The number 3 bus is much more frequent than the number 10 – and runs between Caleta de Fuste and Puerto del Rosario roughly every 15 minutes during the day. The Number 7 is very infrequent though – so you will need to plan your journey carefully. The last number 7 bus back to Puerto del Rosario leaves El Cotillo at 5pm.

  35. Bernadette White

    Hi, We’re visiting early May, staying at Cocosol (near Caleta de Fuste). Would it be better to get a taxi or arrange a pre-booked transfer? Many thanks in advance for your advice!

    • administrator

      Hi, You would need to take the number 3 bus to Puerto del Rosario Bus Station, and the number 6 from there to Corralejo.

  36. Sofi

    Hello. Could you tell me please whether it is possible to buy the tickets on spot (at the drivers) and how much will they cost? For example porto rosario to corralejo? Are there always seats available? Does busses from the airport to puerto rosario run after 8 pm on weekends? Thank you.

    • administrator

      Hi, Yes, you can pay directly on the bus. It costs €3.40 from Puerto del Rosario to Corralejo. There are buses after 8pm on weekends – please see the link to the number 3 timetable for more details.

  37. Mr Naython Jones

    I need to get from Costa calma to castillo caleta de Fuste on a week day morning what does do i need please need to arrive by 11am

    • administrator

      Hi, You need to get the number 10 bus – please click on the link in the main article for the timetable.

  38. Sarah

    Hi, please can you tell me what time the number 10 bus leaves gran tarajal for the airport on a Thursday.
    Thank you

    • administrator

      Please click on the ‘view’ link to the right of where it lists the stops to view a timetable for a bus route.

    • administrator

      Hi, There are no buses to Ajuy – you would need to hire a car to get there.

  39. Bella

    Can you please tell me at what time I have take the bus to the airport from Gran Tarajal (number 10) in the morning? Cause I don’t really understand when it leaves at Gran Tarajal or how long it takes for the bus to get there.
    Thank you!

    • administrator

      It takes about 45 minutes to get from Morro Jable to Gran Tarajal, so you can add 45 minutes to the departure time from Morro Jable (though the bus does normally sit at the bus station in Gran Tarajal for a few minutes).
      There is also the number 16 bus from Gran Tarajal which also stops at the airport.

  40. Corrie

    I need to travel to Villaverde from the airport in September on a Monday. I arrive at the airport at 10am, are there busses I can catch, how much will it cost and how long is the journey?
    Many thanks

  41. Corrie

    Thank you for the helpful reply.
    Could you please tell how long the No 3 bus takes to get to the airport from Las Salinas so I will have an idea when to expect it to be there?
    On the No 8 bus how will I know when I’ve got to Villevarde from Corralejo? How long will that journey time be?
    Thanks again

  42. Stevie

    If I get the bus from Corralejo to the Rui hotels do I pay the full Corralejo – Puerto del Rosario fare or a proportion of the rate?

  43. Claire Dunk

    Are there any buses that go around Campo de Golf? We have hired a villa there but have two small children so feel catching the bus would be cheaper than taxis.

  44. Duncan

    Hi, can I a get a bus on Sunday from Jandia to Costa Calma .. if so how long does it take and how frequent are they ? Thanks Very much

    • administrator

      The numbers 01, 05 and 10 buses all stop at both Costa Calma and Jandia – they are less frequent on Sundays, and the journey takes about 30 minutes.

  45. Amanda Caffrey

    We are visiting & Staying Correljo for 4 weeks over Christmas. Does anyone know please if there is a bus that goes from Calle Pardelas into the town?
    We will have a car, we will also walk, but sometimes a bus is nice too!
    Many thanks

  46. Hugo

    Hi I’m going from the airport to La Lajita on Friday and I can see I should take bus 10 but I can’t find the timetables. At what times does the bus go by the airport and how long does the journey take?

    • administrator

      Hi, Click on the ‘view’ link on the right hand side of the above table to view the timetable.
      I’m not sure of the exact amount of time to La Lajita, but I’d guess around 90 minutes.

  47. Hugo

    What would be the best way for me to go from La Lajita to the airport on Wednesday? I need to be there before 11h30

  48. Andy Butterworth

    We are holidaying in Fuereventura over Christmas and we are splitting our time over two resorts – La Pared for the 1st 5-nights and then in Corralejo for the next 6-nights. I have sorted the 1st transfer out from the airport to La Pared, however I still need to sort transport from La Pared to Corralejo and then Corralejo back to the airport. There are three adults and a 6-year old and although I’d prefer to take public transport I am thinking hiring a car might be more practical? Just had a quick look and its looking like £400-450 for the 12-days?
    Any pointers?

    • administrator

      Hi, I can see that availability for car hire is limited over Christmas on the Cicar website. Another option would be to take a taxi from La Pared to Costa Calma – it’s not that far, so it shouldn’t be too expensive. You could then get a number 1 or number 10 to Puerto del Rosario bus station, and a number 6 from there to Corralejo.

  49. Karel Mracek

    Hi, I would go from La Lajita to Costa Calma, is it possible with No 1, 5, 10 and 25? Thanks!

  50. Chris

    Can you suggest a nice bus route or two to take to take during our week stay in Correlajo.

    Nice scenery or destination for a day or half day trip.

    Many thanks.

    • administrator

      You can get the 08 bus directly to El Cotillo, so that’s an easy trip. I would also recommend a trip to Betancuria (02 route), though you would need to get the bus to Puerto del Rosario first.
      The beaches in the South are stunning, though it is very far and would take over 2.5 hours from Corralejo by bus.

  51. Guillermo

    Hi! I am going to Corralejo with my girlfriend from the 12th to the 16th Feb.
    Are the bus routes really busy? Is there a risk of buses being full? Can someone book tickets in advance?

    • administrator

      Hi, The buses can get busy, if you are worried about a bus being full, then I suggest that you catch the bus from the bus station or ferry port, as the buses are not normally full when they leave.
      It is not possible to book tickets in advance.

  52. Wayne

    Hi I will
    Be staying in Corralejo I. January.

    What are my options and costs to get from the airport to Corralejo

  53. Dave Rogers

    Is there a bus that would take us from the airport to La Lajita after 18:00 on a Tuesday? Struggling to make sense of the timetables…

    • administrator

      Yes, you are in luck! The number 10 leaves Puerto del Rosario at 18:00, and stops at the Airport on the way to Morro Jable (via La Lajita).

  54. Anne

    Is there a bus service from Caleta which stops right outside the hospital. I know coming from Rosario it does but from Caleta it seems to stop in an underpass and I have difficulty walking.
    Thank you

  55. Frank Lauridsen

    Are the busdrivers speaking english? I will vome to Corralejo on vacation for a month, and want to explore the Island by bus. And my spanish is terrible, at best.

    • administrator

      The drivers will likely only have basic English, however they are used to dealing with tourists who do not speak Spanish,so I doubt that you will have a problem. Just tell them where you want to go, and they will show you how much you need to pay.

  56. arnoldas steponavicius

    Urgent help needed!! I cannot really understand the timetable for this

    I need to get to Morro Jable, i am landing in fuerta on Tuesday 12o clock. what is the next/sooners buss to morro jable from aiport?


    • administrator

      The next bus leaves Puerto del Rosario at 13:45, so it will arrive at the airport 10-15 minutes after that. You might be better off booking a transfer as it costs about the same.

  57. Gulz Singh

    Hello, rather odd question – What’s the best way and how long will it take to get from Morro Jable to Lanzarote airport. Only way I can find it Bus 1 to Puerto del Rosario, then Bus 6 to Corralejo, then ferry to Playa Blanca and then Bus 161/261 to the airport. Unfortunately none of the car hire places are doing one-way car hires.

    • administrator

      Hi, I think that you’ve found the best way via public transport. As to how long it will take, it will be hard to line up all of those connections, so I would guess somewhere between 5 and 10 hours.

      • Gulz Singh

        Thanks. Do you think a coach transfer to Fuerteventura airport and then binter flight to Lanzarote airport (via gran canaria) might be quicker?

        • administrator

          It’s hard to say. It would probably be about the same time to get the Fred Olsen ferry to Las Palmas, a bus to Gran Canaria Airport and then a flight to Lanzarote.

  58. Sac à dos

    Buenas noches. El viernes 20/08/2021 a las 4 p.m., tomé la línea aeropuerto / caleta de fuste donde olvidé un mochil rosa. ¿Cómo podría recuperarlo? Gracias

  59. Marie

    Hello good evening…​I have some difficulties to understand the timetables..​I’d​ like to​ go from Gran tarajal to Morro jable (preferably on a weekday), line 01 seems to be the best option, but at what time does the bus departure from Gran tarajal? Thanks in advance 🙂

  60. Elżbieta Rost

    I’m a tourist. I’m coming to Fuerteventura at the beggining of October. I plan to visit different places in your island by buses. I have read about Bono Transporte Fuerteventura card. Does this card give me 30% discount? I have found information (the source isn’t very belivable in my opinion) that , as a tourist, I’ll get only 5% discoutn. I have 2 questions:
    1. What is true about this discount?
    2. Where can I charge up this card? Does the driver do it during buing? Thank you in advance for an answer.

    • administrator

      These cards are designed to give a large discount to island residents only. If you are not an island resident, it is not worth the effort of applying for one (in my opinion).

  61. Debbie Warman

    Hi where and what number bus do I get from caletta de fuste to jardia, we will be staying at Ezra mar hotel thank you

  62. CJ Stanners

    Hello, do you pay for each journey or can you get a return ticket or a week long pass, Puerto de Corralejo to Dunes. Thank you.

    • administrator

      You pay for each journey on the bus – there are no return tickets or week-long passes.

  63. Julie


    By the end of November I’m arriving at aeropuerto Fuerteventura. I have to go from the airport to Corralejo. I already read that I have to take bus 3 at the airport to Puerto del Rosario, and then take bus 6 to Corralejo.

    My flight will arrive at 17.20pm at the airport. At what time is bus 3 leaving from the airport? And how many minutes is the busride from the airport to Puerto del Rosario?
    At what time are the busses leaving from Puerto del Rosario to Corralejo? And how many minutes is the busride from Puerto del Rosario to Corralejo?

    Thank you.

    • administrator

      The bus passes through the airport on its journey from Las Salinas (the other side of Caleta de Fuste), the number 3 bus runs every 15 minutes at that time of day, and the journey time to Puerto del Rosario is about 15-20 minutes. The bus to Corralejo leaves every 30 minutes and the journey time is about 35-40 minutes.

  64. Vaiva


    I am arriving to Fuerteventura on the 12th of November at 10.30 in the morning. How would you recommend getting to the hotel ‘Pierre et Vacances Village Club Fuerteventura Origo Mare’ (Majanicho) from the airport? Thank you.

    • administrator

      I would recommend that you book a transfer or hire a car to get there – it really is quite isolated, so if it was me, I would want a car. Please note that there is currently a lot of demand for car hire and transfers, so make sure you book these well in advance.

  65. Eva Höwer

    Hallo, ich komme samstags um 9:30 Uhr am Flughafen an und möchte nach Gran Tarajal. Können sie etwas empfehlen?

  66. Thomas Wood

    Does the little red bus run during December in caleta De fuste and if so we’re does it start and finish? Can you just get on off anywhere,does it go near villas caleta dorades
    Kind Regards

  67. Ron

    Can you bring a surfboard with you on the route from El Cotillo to Corralejo? It is 1.9 meters long.
    Thank you

    • administrator

      Hi, I’m not sure to be honest: there is a hold for luggage accessed externally on these buses, but I’m not sure of the limits. I’ve seen people put foldable bicycles on, but not a 1.9m surfboard. Perhaps someone else can help, or you could contact Tiadhe directly.

    • administrator

      The number 4 leaves Pajara at 06:30 and 10:30. It leaves Morro Jable at 09:30 and 16:15.

  68. Sebastian Pasha

    Hi there, looking to leave el cotillo around midday and travel down to Costa Calma; can you recommend a journey please? Thank you for your help!

    • administrator

      Hi, You could take the line 7 from El Cotillo to Puerto del Rosario at 12:00, and then the line 1 from there to Costa Calma.

  69. lee jones

    Hi I fly into the airport at 1830 on the 6th Jan and I need to get to Playas de Jandia, are you able to advise on the best route? thanks

  70. Benoit GRUSON

    Hi, thank you for all the information you share
    We are coming on the 15th May for 1 week from France.
    We plan not to rent a car and stay in Puerto del Rosario.
    Regarding the Tiadhe bus lines, if we wants to visit the south. How long does the trip take by bus ?
    Is it a good idea to purchase the rechargable card ? is there a special web site or app for that card ? Thanks

    • administrator

      It takes about 2 hours to get from Puerto del Rosario to the south by bus.
      The card gives you a 10% discount, but costs €2, and you need to add credit to the card. If you are planning to use the bus every day, then it may be worth buying.

  71. Joyce

    Hello! I would like to know what bus I have to take to get from the airport to Caleta de Fuste. We are arriving this sunday around 19.00 h at the airport. We are staying in Fuerteventura beach club. What bus stop is closest to our appartment?
    Thanks a lot!

    • administrator

      You would need to take the number 3 bus and get off at Caleta de Fuste Bus Station. In all honesty, it might be better to get a Taxi (depending on numbers), as your accommodation is about 1km from the Bus Station.

  72. Miles

    Hello, some buses on Line 6 are marked as “entra hasta centro commercial de Parque Holandés”.
    I have tried translating this but am not sure what it means. Please can you explain? Does it meant that these buses from Puerto del Rosario don’t in fact go all the way to Corralejo? Thanks!

    • administrator

      Hi, No, it just means that they go on a different route and stop at Parque Holandés along the way.

  73. Veronika

    Good morning, we are staying in Costa Calma – so Route 10. We are flying over on Saturday. We would like to use the public transport but there is only 4 buses a day ? From the airport to Costa Calma.
    How much is the ticket for adults and how much is the ticket for kids age 4 and 3
    Thank you.

    • administrator

      That is correct – only 4 per day. The price is around €7 per person. Children under 3 years old are free as long they sit on parent’s lap. Otherwise it is full price for children.

  74. John

    What time is the last bus 08 from El Cotillo to Corralejo , and does it leave from the bus station in El Cotillo ?

    • administrator

      The last bus is at 11pm and leaves from Hotel Cotillo, before stopping at the bus station.

  75. David

    Hello. If we wanted to catch buses to caleta de fuste from Correlajo, what is the best route and times.

    • administrator

      Hi, You would need to get the number 6 from Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario Bus Station, then the number 3 from there to Caleta de Fuste. Please see the links above for the timetables.

  76. Paul

    I need to be in Puerto del Rosario for 9am on a Tuesday mornings going from nuevo horizonte what is the ideal bus to catch please

  77. Inge

    Hello. We are based in Correlejo. Which towns can we reach from here by bus please? How frequent are the buses on the weekend? Thank you

    • administrator

      You can reach most towns on the island via bus, though some will require a connection, and the journey times can be very long due to the distances involved.
      In terms of direct connections with Corralejo, the obvious places to visit are: El Cotillo, La Oliva and Puerto del Rosario.

  78. Hayley Stollery

    Do you know roughly how long the journey from Caleta de fuste to corralejo will be via bus? Also how much would a similar journey take via taxi and how much would it roughly cost in a taxi?

    • administrator

      It would take 60 – 90 minutes by bus depending on how long you have to wait for a connection, and the time of day. It costs about €50 for a taxi.

  79. Luna

    Hello, we are staying in Costa Calma and we would like to see the island by bus. If we want to go to Corralejo, what would you recommend us to do?

    • administrator

      Hi, You would need to get the number 3 bus to Puerto del Rosario Bus Station, and then the number 6 from there to Corralejo.

  80. Emma Ogden

    Do the buses stop at all of bus stops along their route?

    We would like to get from the airport and get off on the FV2 near Giniginamar/ Violente.

    We are just worried that the bus may not be scheduled to drop off or pick up there.

    • administrator

      Hi, As far as I know, the number 10 bus does NOT stop at the roundabout at the turn-off for Giniginamar. The number 1 bus from Puerto del Rosario does stop there. The number 10 is supposed to be the ‘express’ bus, so that is probably the reason.

  81. Megan

    Hi, I am looking to go from the airport to Corralejo. Are you able to pay by card on the bus or is it cash only on board?


    • administrator

      Hi, As far as I know, it’s cash-only or using the prepaid Bono de Transporte de Fuerteventura card (a bit like an Oyster card).

  82. Karl

    Hi, we are staying in a villa in Corralejo near Calle el Roque/Calle el Hierro. Is there a bus that takes you to the busy areas around Playa de Corralejo Viejo. The busy, touristy area with bars etc?

    Thanks in advance.

    • administrator

      The number 6 bus stops near the El Campanario Shopping Centre and this would take you to the port. In all honesty, you would be better off getting taxis, which are reasonably priced within the limits of Corralejo town.

  83. Doroteya

    Hi! How many euros does it cost from Villaverde to Corralejo? (I might be making the trip on the daily.) Are the buses very full in that direction around 3-4pm, and could I carry a surfboard on the bus? Thank you so much!

    • administrator

      Hi, I am not sure of the exact price, but it costs €3.10 to go all the way to El Cotillo from Corralejo, so it will be considerably less than that. As far as I know, you can place your surf board in the hold on the bus. I have no idea if the buses will be full or not at that time.

  84. Olive

    I left my sunglasses on the bus (number 6). Is there a lost property office I can look for them at? Thanks

  85. Mrs Jayne Walker

    Hi Admin, please can you tell how long it takes to go from Corralejo to El Cotillo on bus number 8 please and do the buses run every hour on the hour please x

    • administrator

      Hi, It takes about 45 minutes. Please see the link above for timetables – they are mostly on the hour during the day, but most leave the Plaza de la Ermita bus stop in El Cotillo 5 minutes before the hour.

  86. Isabella

    Hello! I’m going to be in Fuerteventura for about 6 hours in transit, as it’s my self transfer destination. I want to make the most of the little time I have on the island and so wanted an opinion from someone well informed. What city would you recommend I visit? (I’m a biology student so I would be prefer places where I can enjoy and best experience the marine beauty of the island) Thank you in advance 🙂

  87. Arunas Andriulaitis

    Very very helpful website! Do you have timetable for Morro Jable->Airport (line 10)? The opposite direction.

    • administrator

      Hi, If you click on the link above, the times from Morro Jable, are listed in the table.
      E.g. In the row that says “Monday-Saturday”, there are two sub rows to right: the first is Puerto del Rosario to Morro Jable, and the second is Morro Jable to Puerto del Rosario.

  88. Rob Kerby

    We will be staying at Esmeralda Beach north of Morro Jable. How often will a bus stop there on weekdays? Can we ride to the next stop? Will the bus stop in between bus stops? Can a tourist purchase the Social Retired pass?

    • administrator

      Hi, I am unaware of any bus that stops anywhere near there so I don’t think that the bus will be an option for you. The Social Retired Card that you refer to is for residents and needs to be applied for, so it’s not an option for a tourist.

  89. Simon W

    We need to get buses (on different days) from Esquinzo (stop 133) to the airport. Does Bus 1 pick up in Equinzo going to the airport? I think it does not stop in Esquinzo when coming from the airport.

    Getting Bus 5 to Costa Calma and then changing to the 10 seems our best way but it is not clear which stop to change in Costa Calma.

    I wish the Tiadhe website timetables gave times for different stops.

    • administrator

      Hi, No, the number 10 does not stop at Esquinzo.
      I would get off the number 5 at the 266 Bus stop and wait there (the roundabout at the eastern end of Costa Calma). I would guess that it takes about 25 minutes from Morro Jable to Costa Calma by bus.
      You could get the number 1 to Puerto de Rosario, however it is extremely slow, and you would definitely be better off booking a transfer.

  90. Rikke Jensen

    Hi. And thanks for helping.
    I Found out bus 10 goes from 11 Urb, Esquinzo-Butihondo, 35626 to caleta de fuste – is that correct?
    And could you help with price and time?
    And how do you pay?

    • administrator

      Hi, No, that is not correct – the number 10 does not stop in Esquinzo.
      The timetables are linked above, and you can pay in cash (the price is €11.50).

      • Rikke Jensen

        Oh that was good i wrote then.

        I live on the Jandia princess hotel. How do I get to caleta de fuste then?
        And thanks

        • administrator

          You could get the number 5 bus to Costa Calma, and then the number 10 bus from there to Caleta de Fuste. However the number 10 is not frequent.
          You could also get the number 1 bus to Puerto del Rosario, and then the number 3 from Puerto del Rosario to Caleta.

  91. Mandy g

    Hi, going to esquizno in two weeks. 21/01/23

    What bus routes can I use to explore the southern parts of the island?

    My concern is I saw no 5 bus only runs to 1.30pm? Is that correct


    • administrator

      Hi, The last No.5 leaves Costa Calma at 15.30 (Monday to Saturday) and 14.30 on Sundays. In the opposite direction the last buses leave Morro Jable 14.30 (Monday to Saturday) and 13.30 (Sundays and Holidays).
      The no.1 also stops at Esquinzo and is a lot more frequent – so that’s your best bet for exploring the island.

  92. Alexander Railton

    Hi There,
    Where can I book a bus from El Matorral Airport to Costa Calma?

    Kind Regards

  93. Gary mclaren

    Hola Administrator I’m struggling to make sense of the colours in the timetables .what is the latest on a weekday we can leave caleta de fuste in the evening to change and catch the last Rosario to Corralejo bus ,help appreciated

  94. administrator

    Hi, The last no.6 to Corralejo leaves Puerto del Rosario at 23:00. In order to catch that, you would need to get either the 21:45 or 22:15 no.3 from Salinas to Puerto del Rosario.

  95. Terance Jackson

    We are visiting the island yet again in May 2023,and are staying in caleta de fuste,and we want to visit Correlejo. I have tried to understand the timetable for the local bus service, but I cannot. I have read that there are only two (2) service’s daily to puerto de rosario from corralejo, is this correct?Can you please help me with times as we are very apprehensive about visiting there and getting “stuck “there. Many thanks.

    • administrator

      Hi, There are lots of buses everyday between Corralejo and Puerto del Rosario (no. 6 bus route) between 6am and 10pm Monday to Friday, with lower frequencies on weekends and holidays. The only thing to bear in mind is that the service is hourly after 19:00, and the last bus to Puerto del Rosario leaves at 22:00.
      The no.3 bus from Caleta de Fuste to Puerto del Rosario has an even higher frequency.

  96. Caroline

    Hello , we will be traveling to Caleta de Fuste tomorrow and would like to know which bus to take so far we manage to find that the bus no. 16, 10 and 3 is the one we should take but as all of us on this forum we can’t read the timetable. We will be landing at Fuerteventura airport tomorrow 12noon. Also what are the ticket. Thanks

    • administrator

      Hi, The number 3 bus runs every 15 minutes at that time of the day on weekdays, so I’d try to get that one. The price is €1.45, which you can pay in cash to the driver – using banknotes no larger than €10.

  97. Gregorio Marchesini

    Hey, I would need to travel from the airport to la Pared this Saturday. I will arrive at the airport at 15.45 so any solution before this time would be impossible for me. It seems that line 10 and line 4 are the two consecutive lines I should pick, but there are really few time slots

    If you have any suggestions it would be great.

    Thank you for your help and support through the website

    • administrator

      Hi, I think that the most economic solution for you would be to get a bus (or transfer) to Costa Calma, and then get a taxi from there to La Pared. It’s not an easy place to get to without a car.

  98. Kris

    Hi 🙂 How does the shuttle bus actually work? If I land at 7.10pm and make reservations what time does the bus leave from the airport? Also, will it be faster to get to Morro Jable than by city bus? Thanks

    • administrator

      Hi, It’s difficult to say when the shuttle bus will leave – it depends on how many other people have flights arriving at that time – the bus could leave immediately or you may have to wait for other passengers to arrive.
      From experience, I would say that the regular public bus (no.10) is faster, but this also depends on where you are staying (i.e. if you are at the last drop-off hotel, the shuttle will be slower).
      Also, there are only five no.10 buses per day, so it likely won’t coincide with your arrival time.

  99. Kris

    Thank you. Just thinking about getting a taxi, I know Morro Jable is around 100 euros but after a 4h flight and landing at 7.10pm with a 3 year old it will make more sense, we are staying in Morro Jable so it’s a long way to get there. Do you know should I book a taxi in advance or can I get one at the airport? A baby seat would be handy and we will have 3 larger suitcases.

    • administrator

      You should be able to get a taxi at the airport easily enough without booking. The only issue is the baby seat (I’m not sure if most taxis carry these). You can pre-book a private transfer with extra luggage and a baby seat, but it’s quite expensive.
      If you do get a taxi, can you share the total cost, and whether a baby seat was available?

    • Kris

      Thanks for all the information, I just think with 3 large suitcases we should be able to fit a booster in one of them just for the journey from the airport. I am looking forward to my holidays in Fuerteventura:)

    • Kris

      I just decided to rent a car, the cost is almost the same plus the comfort of using the car at any time. Happy holidays everyone. Very informative website

    • administrator

      No, not a direct one – you would need to get the number 3 to Puerto del Rosario and then the number 6 from there to Corralejo.

  100. Tony


    Staying at Oasis Tamarindo Corralejo Where is the nearest bus stop for journey to Airport on Friday 17 March, ( 12 00 pm flight ).

    Thank You

    • administrator

      Hi, The nearest bus stop to that hotel is the stop at the roundabout on Calle Clavellina and Avenida Fuerteventura (stop 144).
      There is no direct route between Corralejo and the airport, so you would need to catch the no.6 bus to Puerto del Rosario, and then the no.3 from there to the Airport.
      The 08:00 or 08:30 no.6 would probably be a good bet.
      Alternatively, you could book a transfer directly from your hotel:


    On a wednesday evening bus 10 leaves at 20.30 h. in Puerto del Rosario. At what time does she arrive at the airport? And when will she arrive in Morro Jable?
    I suppose there is a stopping point on the Avenida del Saladar?
    Muchas gracias.


    • administrator

      Hi, There are no exact times for bus stops in Fuerteventura, but it takes 10 – 20 minutes to get to the Airport from Puerto del Rosario.
      There is a stop on Avenida del Saladar, and it should arrive there between 22:00 and 22:30.

  102. Diana

    Hi! I see that today is a bus from pto del rosalio to morro jable (bus no 10) at 14:00. If I wait it around that hour at bus stop “100 km.” the
    driver will pick me?

    • administrator

      Hi, I don’t know where bus stop “100 km.” is – perhaps you need to zoom in on the map and click on the bus stop? If it’s listed on the map, the bus should stop there – the 14:00 stops at all of the regular stops (except the Granja de PozoNegro).

  103. Stephanie


    How would I from Corralejo to go Morro jable in November by bus?

    Thank you

    • administrator

      Hi, You would need to get the no.6 to Puerto del Rosario, and then a no.1 or no.10 from there to Morro Jable.

  104. Stephanie


    How can I get from Morro Jable to Corralejo? I am making the trip in a few days.

    Thank you very much!

    • administrator

      Hi, You should get either the no.1 or no.10 from Morro Jable to Puerto del Rosario (the no.10 is faster), and then the no.6 to Corralejo from there.

  105. John Kenna

    Hi, are there any buses running on the 6th January?
    Thanks and happy new year.

    • administrator

      Hi, As far as I am aware, buses are running according to the Sundays/Bank Holidays timetable on the 6th of January.

  106. Victoria


    Where can I find the bank holiday service timetable please? We are hoping to travel from Corralejo to El Cotillo tomorrow morning (Saturday 6th Jan)

    Thank you

  107. Mikkie vd Eynde

    What is the best way to go from Corralego to Morro Jable harbour for an excursion?

    Kind regards

    • administrator

      Hi, In all honesty, that is a very long way to go to try to take a boat excursion from Morro Jable harbour. It will take around 3 hours each way by public bus.

  108. N

    Hey, I land at the airport next Friday at 7pm, do you know an estimate of when the next bus to Morro Jable will be and which bus?
    Also, How long is the journey on the bus?
    Thank you!

    • administrator

      Hi, The next (and last) bus leaves Puerto del Rosario at 20:30. This arrives at the airport at around 20:45.

  109. adam Wallace

    hi, trying to get to corralejo from the airport after my flight arrives at this possible? how much is not sure on the bus transfers.. return would be 0920am thanks

  110. adam Wallace

    trying to get from airport to corralejo.i understand about the transfer from 3 to line 6-but cant see how long each trip will take so not sure whether will make it in time.
    arrive saturday 1900pm.. leave tuesday 0940am flight..thanks

    • administrator

      Hi, I’d allow at least 45 minutes for the Corralejo – Puerto del Rosario leg, and another 25 minutes to get from Puerto del Rosario to the Airport (plus waiting time in the bus station).

  111. Alicia

    If I want to go to Playa de Cofete, Playa de Sotavento, Faro de Jandia and Cofete from Puerto del Rosario for a 1-day trip on public transport, how can I circulate to these places with bus during weekday? Thx!

    • administrator

      Hi, This would be extremely difficult to do on public transport. At present there are only two buses per day from Morro Jable to Cofete – and they are nearly always full (and turning away passengers) before leaving Morro Jable Bus Station (the same happens on the return journey). You could try getting the 06:30 no.10 bus from Puerto del Rosario to Morro Jable to ensure that you are first in the queue, and be careful to be first in the queue for the return from Cofete. At present, the bus does not stop at Sotavento, so you would need a car for that.
      To be honest, hiring a car is much more practical.

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