Depending on where you are staying, public buses may be a good option for getting around the Island. That said, Fuerteventura is a long island, so fares from Morro Jable to Puerto del Rosario will soon add up (€10 per journey). Other routes, such as Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario are much more economical (€3.40).

Buses are known locally as Guaguas (pronounced Wah-wah) – a term that is also used in the Caribbean, but not in Mainland Spain. The public bus company on Fuerteventura is Tiadhe.

Getting to/from the Airport by Bus
Not all areas are well-connected to the Airport by Bus. However, both Caleta de Fuste and Puerto del Rosario are very-well connected to the Airport with regular buses running between 7am and just after midnight everyday (Route 03).

Bus routes also connect Morro Jable and Costa Calma directly to the Airport, however there are just 4 buses per day on weekdays and even less on weekends and public holidays (Route 10). Gran Tarajal is also connected with a somewhat infrequent service (Route 16).

To get to any other areas from the Airport, you must first get the bus to Puerto del Rosario’s Bus Station and change there.

Bear in mind that a Taxi from the Airport to Morro Jable will cost about €100, while a pre-booked transfer will cost about €15 per person.

Seeing the Island by Bus
It is possible to see much of the island by public bus, however smaller towns and villages are often connected by infrequent buses, so careful planning is required. Fares can mount up quite quickly, so hiring a car may be more economical if there is a group travelling together.

Fuerteventura Bus Routes

Route No.StopsTimetable
01Puerto del Rosario – Antigua – Gran Tarajal – Costa Calma – Morro JableView
02Puerto del Rosario – Tefia – Betancuria – Vega de Rio PalmasView
03Puerto del Rosario – Hospital – Airport – El Matorral – Caleta de Fuste – Las SalinasView
04Pajara – La Pared – Costa Calma – Morro JableView
05Costa Calma – Playa Barca – Los Canarios – Morro JableView
06Puerto del Rosario – Parque Holandes – Los Hoteles – CorralejoView
07Puerto del Rosario – Tetir – Tindaya – La Oliva – Corralejo – El CotilloView
08Corralejo – Villaverde – La Oliva – Lajares – El CotilloView
09Pajara – Toto – Tuineje – Gran Tarajal – Costa Calma – Morro JableView
10Puerto del Rosario – Airport – Caleta de Fuste – Gran Tarajal – La Lajita – Costa Calma – Morro JableView
11Tuineje – Las Rosas – El Cardon – Marco Sanchez – La LajitaView
12Gran Tarajal – Health Centre – Las PlayitasView
13Pajara – Gran TarajalView
14Puerto del Rosario – Los Estancos – El TimeView
15Puerto del Rosario – TriquivijateView
16Gran Tarajal – Tuineje – Tiscamanita – Agua de Bueyes – Valle de Ortega – Antigua – Triquivijate – Nuevo Horizonte – El Matorral – Airport – Playa Blanca – Hospital – Puerto del RosarioView
18Pajara – Cuchillete – Gran TarajalView
25Morro Jable – Costa Calma – La LajitaView
111Morro Jable – Puertito de la Cruz – Cofete 4×4 BusView

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  1. Dan wall

    Is there a number 10 bus from airport to morro jable on Wednesdays at 19:00 hours or 20:00 hours. How long to Morro Jable from airport and how many euros please?

    • administrator

      No, there is no bus at those times. The journey costs €9.70 and takes about an hour and a half.
      As an alternative, you could get a bus from the Airport to the Puerto del Rosario Bus Station and then take the no.1 bus from there to Morro Jable, however this bus takes a very long time as it stops at many small towns along the way.

  2. Actual Merlin

    What’s the quickest route to get to Las Playitas from the airport?

    I’m guessing I’d have to get a bus to Gran Tarajal and then another bus to Las Playitas but want to find the quickest service(s) to get there if possible.

    Thank you.

    • administrator

      There is no direct route, however you can get the number 6 bus from Corralejo Port to the Bus Station in Puerto del Rosario, and then the number 3 from there to the Airport.

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