Road through the Corralejo Dunes
Road through the Corralejo Dunes, Fuerteventura, with Lanzarote in the background.
By Airport Transfer

A pre-booked Airport Transfer offers the convenience of being dropped off directly at your Hotel for a fraction of the cost of a taxi (less than €7 per person). Larger groups can also book private buses, for a much more economical price than booking several taxis. Please note that you cannot purchase a ticket for a shuttle bus upon arrival at the airport, so if you want to use this service, you must book your seat in advance. Click here for more information or to book.

By Bus

There is no direct public bus connection between the Airport and Corralejo, however you can take the number 3 bus from the airport to Puerto del Rosario bus station (Timetables), and then the number 6 from there to Corralejo (Timetables). The entire journey costs less that €5, so this is the most economical option, especially if travelling alone.

By Car

From the airport, follow the FV-2 north towards Puerto del Rosario, then take the exit for the FV-3 (circunvalacion), which is the Puerto del Rosario bypass. Continue along the FV-3, which becomes the FV-1 at the northern end of Puerto del Rosario. From there, you can either follow the scenic coastal route through the dunes all the way to Corralejo, or take the new inland motorway. To take the motorway: at the 2nd roundabout after Puerto Lajas, take the 3rd exit and then follow the signs for the Autovia (motorway).
New sections of motorway are being added continuously, so this is subject to change, and there is even talk that the coastal route may be closed permanently in the future.

By Taxi

As you might imagine, there are plenty of taxis available at the airport. It costs around €58 for a taxi from the airport to Corralejo, so it’s not the cheapest option.

By Ferry

Fred Olsen and Naviera Armas operate frequent ferries between Corralejo and Playa Blanca in Lanzarote, so there is the option to fly into Lanzarote and then out of Fuerteventura (or vice-versa).

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30 Responses

  1. Andrew Green

    What is the ticketing system from Fuertaventura Airport to Corralejo? On the bus or other ways?

    • administrator

      Hi, You can pay on the bus, however there is no direct bus between the airport and Corralejo.

  2. Ev

    You have to go to Puerto Rosario first…and then change buses from the 3 to the 6…I believe. Takes about 1.5 hours and then you walk depending on where you are staying? Best deal is definitely the shuttle in my books…although I didn’t see it when I get here! Would be great to have a review of it…if anyone takes it!

  3. Lisa Smith

    Hi Chris,
    You know the airport transfer bus which stops at multiple stops, will they just be in the resort corralejo or other destinations? How long will it take to get to the resort?

    • administrator

      It depends on how many others have booked – the transfer bus stops at only the hotels where passengers need to be dropped off. And yes, it only stops at the hotels in and around Corralejo.

  4. Mihalina

    Hi there, thanks for the info here. I was just wondering how reliable is the Airport Shuttle Bus. I need to catch an early flight on Saturday at 10:30 am and wanted to book a transfer from Corralejo to the Airport. I was wondering if you would recommend the shuttle or a taxi to be more secure? Thank you!

    • administrator

      Hi, Both are reliable, but a Taxi will be a lot quicker (and a lot more expensive). The shuttle bus will base your pick-up time on the time of your flight departure, and will drop you off at the airport well in advance of your departure.

  5. Iga

    I do not understand Los Hoteles bus stop. Is it “normal” and there is no problem to get there and from there? Line 3 and 6? Is it the cost from Airport to Corralejo 3,90E? Or it is higher?
    Is it problem to take luggage to the Bus (also the one sport luggage)

  6. Josh

    Hi, thanks for the information here. It would be worth highlighting to readers that the Airport transfer shuttle bus gets booked up and needs to be booked in advance.
    I just checked to book seats for tomorrow (Monday) and nothing is available until next Friday, which is a shame. We’ll have to get a taxi…

  7. Wendy

    We need to get from Morro Jable to Villaverdi (which is on line 8) on the 28th December. As I cannot see all the bus routes on one map I can’t see where to change buses? Can you help please?
    Would it be feasible to take the bus line 10 to the airport then book airport transfer to Corralejo where we could get a line 8 bus?

    • administrator

      Hi, You could take either the line 1 or line 10 (Line 10 is faster) from Morro Jable to Puerto del Rosario Bus Station, and then the number 7 from there to Villaverde.
      You could also take the line 10 to Puerto del Rosario from Morro Jable, the line 6 from Puerto del Rosario to Corralejo, and then the line 8 from Corralejo to Villaverde, but the first option would be a lot faster.

  8. Aggie

    Hi, just wondering whether you need to buy two seperate bus tickets for no. 3 & 6 to get from the airport to Corralejo. The timetable says 3.9 euros for this, but it requires to change at the capital.

    • administrator

      There is one bus per day (except Sundays) that goes directly from Corralejo to the airport – the 7am from Corralejo. Otherwise, you would need to change in Puerto del Rosario, and purchase separate tickets on each bus – the total cost would be €4.85.

  9. Olga

    Hello, by what bus can we get from the airport to Corajelo? thank you

    • administrator

      Hi, There is no bus service between the Airport and Corralejo – you would need to get the number 3 to Puerto del Rosario Bus Station and then change there to the number 6 to Corralejo.

  10. Mr Terance Jackson

    We are going to caleta de fuste in December and are thinking of using the local bus service. We would like to get to Correlejo on one of our days, could you please advise on what number bus service that we would need. Many thanks.

    • administrator

      There is no direct bus between Caleta de Fuste and Corralejo – you would need to get the number 3 to Puerto del Rosario Bus Station, and then the number 6 from there to Corralejo.

  11. Mr Terance Jackson

    During our stay in fuerteventura we are thinking about visiting tenerife for a couple of days, are there “travel agents “in fuerteventura to book flights?,or is it online only booking, or can we book at the airport?

  12. Sylwia

    So surprised to see there is a cheep shuttle bus option, I didn’t know about it. But indeed it looks like it needs to be booked many days before (4 days at least) …

  13. Michael Gamble

    How easy is it to get a bus from lanzarote airport too the port to get a ferry to correlejo in fuertaventura

  14. Rob

    What about sundays ? How to get from corralejo to the airport on a Sunday . No 6 bus doesn’t run sundays ? Or am I missing something ?

  15. N

    I am travelling from the airport to Corralejo on a Sunday in a a few weeks and arrive at around 8pm in the evening.

    Is it easy enough to get to?

    Thanks in advance,

    • administrator

      Hi, Yes, it’s easy enough and there are a good amount of buses on those routes even on a Sunday. It still might be more convenient to get a transfer – especially if you are staying at a hotel, since the transfer will drop you off at your hotel:

  16. David

    Hi. Looking to book a taxi for 2 adults and 2 kids from Airport to Corralejo in 16th August. Getting quotes now of €115 one way with Zip transfers who I usually use. Cheapest option with others is €90.
    If I waited until we arrive at the airport do you think I would get a taxi and how much would it cost?

  17. Carrie Mitchell

    Hi I just booked the shuttle bus but it said it only drops off at hotels and we are staying in an apartment complex. Will they still be able to drop us off fairly near? It’s at calle de agua marina.

    • administrator

      Hi, If your apartment complex was listed, then you will be dropped off there. If it is not listed you should choose a nearby hotel complex as the drop-off/pickup.

  18. Patrick

    Just returned from Carralejo having used to get from and to the airport (€16 per person, return. March 2024). We chose a drop off from the list that was close to our apartment and confirmed our return on their website 24 hours before our departure time. They gave us a pick-up time of 08:19 for a 12:30 flight which meant that we had time for breakfast and a look around the shops at the airport. Worked for us (couple).

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