Morro Jable and adjoining Jandia are located in the extreme south of Fuerteventura, 1¼ hours drive from the airport. The 84Km drive shouldn’t be too off-putting when you consider this area has some of the best beaches in the Canary Islands. Although the name ‘Jandia’ also refers to the entire peninsula in the South of Fuerteventura, in this article, we are referring to the long seafront avenue that leads into Morro Jable.

Playa de la Cebada, Morro Jable, Fuerteventura
Playa de la Cebada, Morro Jable, Fuerteventura

Morro Jable has come a long way since the first tourists began arriving via dirt track to the newly-opened Robinson Hotel in 1968. The main Jandia strip (Avenida del Saladar) is now a grassy and wide, Palm-lined avenue that runs parallel to the beach with plenty of space for walkers, joggers and cyclists. A narrow saltmarsh separates the avenue from the sea, with several walkways crossing this protected space to provide access to the main beach. The mostly dry saltmarsh hosts a variety of species including Ibises, Egrets and the ubiquitous ‘Chipmonks’ (actually Barbary Ground Squirrels).

Morro Jable, Fuerteventura
Morro Jable, Fuerteventura

Most bars and restaurants are located on Morro Jable’s pedestrianised streets and seafront rather than on the Jandia strip. In fact, the Jandia avenue has fewer eateries located on it than any other tourist strip that I’ve ever seen. Perhaps the largely German clientele prefer to eat in their hotels rather than venture out? On the plus side, Morro Jable manages to maintain the feel of a real Spanish town with restaurants and cafes catering to Spanish rather than International tastes.
Nightlife is rather limited, especially out of season, with most of the lively bars to be found in the pedestrianised area of Morro Jable. Thursday night is traditionally party night in Morro Jable, while other weekday nights are usually quiet.

Bell Mystery

One of the Church Bells in Morro Jable’s Church has a curious origin. Following a storm in December 1937 (during the Spanish Civil War), residents of the tiny village of Cofete were alerted to a strange sound coming from the sea. At first they thought it was a warning that soldiers were coming, but the source of the sound was revealed when a large buoy containing a Church Bell was washed up on the beach. The Bell was made in Canada, but how it ended up on the beach in Cofete is still a mystery to this day.

Faro de Morro Jable, Fuerteventura
Faro de Morro Jable, Jandia, Fuerteventura at Sunrise

The kilometers of white sandy beaches are the main draw to the South of the island. For those that prefer activities on or under the water, there are a number of dive schools in the area along with sailing boat hire, Jetski and Quadbike excursions. There’s also some decent snorkelling; stick to rocky areas and you could see Barracuda, Moray eels, Dorada (bream) and large Sting Rays.

Morro Jable Harbour is a jumping-off point for ferries to Gran Canaria as well as numerous diving, whale watching and other marine excursions. The harbour is also home to a turtle recuperation centre and to very large stingrays that can be seen from the edge of the pier in front of La Cofradia.

Buildings come to an abrupt halt west of the harbour at the entrance to the Jandia Natural Park. Accessed via graded dirt roads, the park stretches to the Punta de Jandia lighthouse and across the mountains to the unspoilt 5km beaches of Cofete. Several small coves are located off the main dirt road which you can often have to yourself all day; just don’t forget to take plenty of water and sunscreen.

There are some good walks in the area; A well-marked path leads from the harbour to Cofete through Gran Valle, takes around 2½ hours one way, and offers superb views once you’ve managed the final assent over the ridge. The hike to the highest point on the island, Pico de la Zarza is also rewarding, especially when the mountain top is not shrouded in cloud. This walk takes around 4½ hours return and is quite a tough assent; but the views of the virgin Barlovento beaches from the overhanging peak are stunning.

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Video of Jandia


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