To get the most out of your stay on Fuerteventura, we recommend that you rent a car.

If you are staying far from the airport (e.g. in Costa Calma or Jandia), then the savings made by not having to use a taxi to get to and from the airport will cover the cost of a week’s car hire.

Many of the Island’s best beaches are only accessible by car (or by a very infrequent bus), and the same applies to some of the Island’s prettiest villages, such as Betancuria.

Petrol Prices
The Canary Islands, thanks to its lower taxes, boasts some of the lowest fuel prices in Europe, with petrol typically about 30% cheaper than in the UK. Do, however, bear this in mind when hiring a car: some Rent a Car companies will try to force customers to buy a full tank of fuel at an inflated price at the time of rental, and insist that the customer brings the car with an empty tank.

Petrol prices vary dramatically between petrol stations located close to Fuerteventura Airport and those located in Morro Jable or Corralejo. Prices close to the Airport, in Puerto del Rosario and Caleta de Fuste are about 10% less than prices in Morro Jable. If your rental car is diesel, take care at the pumps when choosing which diesel product to purchase – there are often two types, one of which can be very expensive!

The regional newspaper, La Provinicia, publishes the prices charges by each petrol station, so you can compare petrol prices here and diesel prices here.

Insurance, Excess and Waivers
Many Car Rental firms offer a variety of optional insurance and collision damage waiver options. Typically, a car rental contract will include an “excess”: this is the maximum amount of money that you will be liable to pay in the event of you incurring damage to the car.

For example, if you crash the car, and have an excess of €500, you will have to pay the first €500 towards the cost of repairing the car.

Typically, if you are involved in an accident that this not your fault, then the other party’s insurance will cover any damage. However, if the vehicle is damaged while unattended (e.g. when parked), then you will be liable for the cost of repair.

Optional extras such as a Super Collision Damage Waiver, offer a reduced or zero excess (but read the small print).

There is considerable variation in how lenient car rental companies are towards scrapes and knocks. Some of the larger multinational car rental firms pay a commission to their staff when they find any scrapes, scratches or damage to their cars, while some of the local companies turn a blind eye to any minor issues.

With all of this in mind, it is a good idea to inspect the car with a member of staff and catalogue any scrapes, scratches and other issues before you set off.

Pre-requisites for Hiring a Car
Many, if not all, Rent a Car companies will insist that the driver is at least 21 years old and has held a full driving licence for at least two years. While licences from most countries are accepted, there may be some exceptions: if in doubt check first.

Taking the Car off-road or off the Island
If you plan to explore some of the more remote parts of the Island that are accessible only by dirt-track, then you should make sure that your rental agreement covers this beforehand. The same applies if you wish to take the car to Lanzarote or Gran Canaria by Car ferry as many companies do not allow you to take the car off the island.

Pre-book online or rent in the resort/airport?
If you plan to have a car for the duration of your stay, then we recommend that you pre-book online. The best prices are often only available if you pre-book online and cars can be completely booked up at peak times (such as August or Christmas).

If you only plan to rent a car for 2 or 3 days, then there is less of a saving to be made by booking in advance.

Comparison Search

We have partnered with Discover Cars to offer a price comparison for car hire in Fuerteventura. Going for the absolute cheapest option is not necessarily the best choice, as some companies, such as Goldcar, have a reputation for adding many hidden extras (e.g. obligatory purchase of a full tank of over-priced fuel, or expensive fees for even the tiniest scratch).

8 Responses

  1. William Clark

    Do you deliver and pick from hotels? Elba Lucia we would like to hare a car for 4 days from 29th April 2019 with full insurance, can you please supply me with a cost.

    • administrator

      Hi, We are an online tourist guide to Fuerteventura – we don’t actually rent cars ourselves.

  2. Kim

    Does every car rental place on fuerteventura expect you to have a credit card or have excess of 1000 pound b4 u can rent a car .

  3. Chris

    Out of peak season, would it be easy enough to find free parking spaces in Corralejo?

  4. Lola

    My partner is 20 years old, but has had his drivers license for over 3 years. Is it possible for him to rent a car?

    • administrator

      Hi, You would need to contact the Car Hire company directly, and ask.

  5. Jill Phillips

    Is it possible to pick up from Morro jable and drop off in caletta de fuste? Thanks

    • administrator

      Hi, Yes, you can do this with Cicar:
      The office near Morro Jable is Jandia (on the avenue), and the Caleta de Fuste office is listed as ‘Castillo’.

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