Poblado de La Atalayita
Poblado de La Atalayita

The village of primitive stone dwellings at La Atalayita dates back to before the Spanish Conquest to the Island’s aboriginal Majo population who are thought to be of Berber origin. After the conquest local Shepherds continued to use the site, adding corrals for their animals.

Dwelling at Poblado de La Atalayita
Entrance to a dwelling at Poblado de La Atalayita

At the interpretive centre, the visitor can learn about the excavations that have taken place at the site and the artefacts that have been found here.

Corral at Poblado de La Atalayita
Corral at Poblado de La Atalayita

Signposts for the Poblado de La Atalayita and Pozo Negro are at a minimum. To get there, take the FV-2 and take the turn off for Pozo Negro (which is easy to miss). There is a wall with the name “Poblado de La Atalayita” at the entrance of a dirt track, which leads to the settlement.

Opening Hours
Temporarily Closed
Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00
Closed Sunday and Monday

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  1. Steven Healey

    Such a wonderful site off the tourist map. Lucky to have a tour guide as the visitor centre was closed. This location needs more advertising with lots of visitor information. What a surprise it was because have visited the island many times in the last 10 years.

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