The Weather in Fuerteventura in November

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November is usually when the weather changes from the summer-like conditions that the island enjoys right up to the end of October, to the winter pattern with colder evenings and the occasional few days of rain. There seems to be quite a noticeable difference between the North and South of Fuerteventura at this time of year, with Morro Jable still feeling quite summery with mild nights, while the north may be a couple of degrees cooler. Expect a noticeable and sometimes quite abrupt change in the weather at some stage in November.

Costa Calma Beach in early November
Costa Calma Beach in early November

Daytime Highs

Average daily high temperatures are around 24°C in the North of the island, and about 25-26°C in the South. There are usually some days with highs in the high 20s or even low 30s (Celsius).

Nighttime Lows

The longer-term average nighttime low is 17.7°C, however in recent years, it has been warmer at night in November. In Morro Jable, many nights in November are now over 20°C, and in the North and East of the island, the minimum temperatures have been over 18°C. As previously stated, there can be an abrupt change to the weather at this time of year, and 16°C nights are possible, so a cardigan or light jacket is worth packing.


There is the chance of rain in November, with an average of 3-4 days with rain over 0.1mm during the month.


The north of island can be quite cloudy at this time of year – especially in the morning, the far south tends to be sunnier. On average, the airport gets about 3 overcast days during November – making it the second most overcast month of the year (after December).


The trade winds aren’t as constant at this time of year and November is one of the least windy months of the year on the island. The average wind speed at the airport is 18kmph.

Sea Temperature

The sea is still relatively warm in November around Fuerteventura, with an average of between 21 and 22°C.

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For accurate current temperature readings from Canary Islands Weather Stations, visit the Spanish State Meteorological service: Aemet

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