The Weather in Fuerteventura in March

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Daytime Highs

Daytime high temperatures typically reach just over 22°C in March – though it is not uncommon to get some days with highs of as much as 28°C – perhaps even 30°C in the south. Thermometers around sun-terraces often read quite a bit more than the official figures at this time of year as the sun gets stronger. However, you can be unlucky with the weather in March, as there is the possibility of a bad week of rainy or unsettled weather.

Playa de la Cebada in March
Sunbathers at Playa de la Cebada (Morro Jable) in March

Temperature at Night

At night, temperatures around the coast drop to 15 or 16°C – perhaps a degree warmer in Morro Jable, and perhaps a degree or two colder in the centre of the island. Some nights may be slightly warmer (or colder), though you will still likely need more than a T-shirt if you plan to sit outside at night.

Rain in March

On average, Fuerteventura gets about 3 days of rain in March – a number that seems fairly constant based on personal observations in recent years. That is to say, that Fuerteventura nearly always gets at least 2 days of rain in March. The median total precipitation for the month is just 8.3mm – so even when it rains, it is very little compared to anywhere in Northern Europe. Having said that, a torrential downpour is not unheard of in March either.

Cloud Cover

There are normally some clouds in the sky during March – especially in the north of the island. If it is overcast in Corralejo in the morning, then this may well ‘burn off’ or evaporate by midday. The south is generally sunnier, so a drive to the south of the island may be worth a punt if it is remaining overcast in the north. On average the whole island will be overcast for about 2 days during the month.


With an average wind speed of 21kmph, March is not one of the windier months on the island. However there can be some very windy days during the month.

Sea Temperature

In March, the sea remains cold around Fuerteventura at about 18-19°C. This might be okay for a quick dip if you are hardy, but if you plan any surfing, wind surfing, snorkelling or diving, you will probably want a wetsuit.


The weather can be somewhat unpredictable in Fuerteventura in March: you could be basking in 30°C sunshine on the beach, or it could be rainy and cool (20°C). It will almost certainly be cool at night (15 – 18°C). In short, you will likely enjoy some warm days at the beach, but you may need some slightly warmer clothes at night such as a cardigan or fleece.

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For accurate current temperature readings from Canary Islands Weather Stations, visit the Spanish State Meteorological service: Aemet

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