Fuerteventura Weekly News – 26th February 2016

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Mayoral Dispute in La Oliva
Farce was narrowly avoided on Saturday (20th of February) when the two “Mayors” were competing to crown the Carnival Queen. In the end, Pedro Amador (still officially the Mayor of La Oliva) got wind of the plans by Claudina Morales and Coalicion Canaria to present the prize and cancelled Mayoral involvement. A Vote of no confidence on the current mayor, that took place on Friday, was deemed invalid for technical reasons.

Online Shopping to be Tax Free up to €150
The Canary Island Government have increased the tax and customs exemption from €22 to €150 for products purchased online. Up to now, Residents have often had to pay more in taxes and customs clearance fees than the actual imported goods were worth. While the change is to be implemented “as soon as possible”, it is not clear when the new exemption will come into force.

Fake Canarian Aloe Vera worth 21 Million Euros
In confronting the estimated €21 Million worth of fake Canarian Aloe Vera products that the Canarian Association of Aloe Vera Producers estimate are sold every year, the Canarian Government have promised to step-up the number of inspections to check that products on sale are genuine. The products with the misleading packaging often come from China, Pakistan or Mainland Spain.

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