Fuerteventura News Summary October 2017

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Monarch Collapse

UK Airline, Monarch, left thousands of Holidaymakers stranded on the island when it ceased operating on the 2nd of October. The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority coordinated the operation to return some 83,875 stranded passengers (from around Europe) to the UK – an operation described by the UK Transport Secretary as the “biggest ever peacetime repatriation”. As well as the stranded passengers, the Airline closure also affected some 300,000 future bookings.

Quad and Buggy Excursions Shut Down

La Oliva Municipal Council have ordered 5 companies that offer Buggy and Quad Excursions in the Northern Municipality to cease the activity with immediate effect. La Oliva have stated that none of the companies have proper authorisation to run transport, none have authorisation to operate in a nature reserve, none have permission to operate in public coastal areas and none have authorisation to operate on pastoral pathways. The council also found that 3 of the affected companies lack opening licences for their premises, and that 3 of the companies lacked the required permission from the Canary Islands Tourist Authority.

Record Breaking Temperatures

Although Aemet (the Spanish Meteorological Office) have not yet published their monthly climate summary for October, it looks set to go down as the the hottest October on record for Fuerteventura. Several episodes of Calima produced some unseasonably hot temperatures including the eye-watering 42.8°C recorded in Pajara on the 13th.

Longest Stay Duration in Spain

Fuerteventura had the longest duration of stay per tourist in the whole of Spain in September, with an average stay of 8.34 nights. Pajara, in the south of Fuerteventura, had the longest duration of stay on the island with an average of 8.59 nights. The average price per room per night was €75.31 during September.

Expansion of Corralejo Pier and Motorway access for Parque Holandes

The public financing for works to expand the Ferry pier in Corralejo has been included in the budget for 2018. The Canarian Government had sought to realise the harbour works through a private concession, however the proposal received little interest from the private sector, and the work will now be publicly funded. Also included in the budget for 2018, is the connection between Parque Holandes and the Motorway as well as funding for the next stages of the North-South Motorway between the Airport and La Lajita.

Cory’s Shearwater Campaign

The Fuerteventura Cabildo has launched a campaign to make residents aware of the steps that they should take if they find a Cory’s Shearwater (Calonecrtis diomedea borealis) injured or disorientated on the ground. The Shearwaters, which nest on the island, use the light of the moon to navigate, and young birds often crash into the ground when disorientated by artificial lighting. Should you find a shearwater in such condition, then you should place the bird in a well-ventilated, paper-lined cardboard box. You should then call 112 and advise them of your exact location, or bring the bird to the nearest Policia Local or Guardia Civil station. Citizens should not try to administer food or water to the shearwater, or attempt to release the bird themselves.

Animal Abuse

Guardia Civil agents removed 23 dogs, 5 horses and a donkey from a farm in Casillas del Ángel on the 17th of October after a tip-off from a concerned citizen. The agents from Seprona (the Environmental and Animal unit of the Guardia Civil) discovered the animals in a terrible state, with many of them suffering with open wounds and living in enclosures full of excrement. The dogs were taken to the municipal pound in Puerto del Rosario, while the donkey and horses were taken to Oasis Park. The owner of the animals and farm is being investigated for the crime of animal mistreatment.

Corralejo Christmas Lights

Corralejo is to enjoy some very special Christmas Lights this year designed by multi-Award-winning Canarian Architect, Fernando Menis. The innovative marine-themed lighting installation will incorporate recycled surf boards, lilos and other materials that tourists left discarded in their hotels. The spectacular lights, made into the shapes of Giant Squid, Flowers and other marine creatures will feature low-consumption LEDs and will be installed in Corralejo’s streets in early December.

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