Fuerteventura News Summary November 2017

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Tragedy at Aguas Verdes

A 31 year-old German man lost his life on the 23rd of November when a large wave surprised him and washed him out to sea at the rocky coast near Aguas Verdes on Fuerteventura’s west coast. The young man had been posing for a photo for his girlfriend, close to where the waves were breaking. Neither she, nor the other couple that accompanied them could do anything to help as he was carried away swiftly. A search by air, sea and land eventually recovered his body on the 27th.

New Radiation Oncology Facility

Fuerteventura General Hospital will have a Radiation Therapy facility, which is expected to be finished by 2020. The 5000m2 building will distributed over 3 floors and the total project is expected to cost around 10 million euros. Until now, residents of the island have had to go to Gran Canaria for radiation treatment.

El Matorral Immigrant Centre Scandal

It has emerged that the Government has been paying €12,500 every month to the company, Albie SA, to provide food at an Immigrant Centre that has been closed since 2012. Although the charges are proportional to the quantity of meals provided, the contract also includes a a charge of €12,500 per month to cover ‘fixed costs’. The centre, located in the old Legion barracks at El Matorral, is the largest Immigrant Internment Centre in Spain, designed to house immigrants before their eventual repatriation. The centre housed a large number of immigrants during the early 2000s, however the financial crisis led to a huge reduction in the numbers of illegal immigrants arriving on the island, and the centre has been temporarily closed since 2012.

New Primary School for Morro Jable

The Canary Islands Government have signed a contract to build a new 5 million euro primary school in Morro Jable. The new school will have 27 classrooms which will allow for the teaching of at least 670 children. Morro Jable currently has two primary schools, both of which have been overstretched for several years, and currently have 1100 children enrolled. The new school is expected to open in 2019.

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