Fuerteventura News Summary January 2018

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Murder in Morro Jable

A 64 year-old Spanish man has been remanded in custody in Tahiche Prison accused of the murder of a 26 year-old man in Morro Jable on the night of the 21st of January. The events took place in the El Ciervo area of Morro Jable, where, according the local press, the victim entered a cafeteria while being pursued by his attacked who wielded a knife attached to a pole. The victim fled onto the street where, possibly due to loss of blood, he lost consciousness and fell. The assailant then hit his victim over the head with a rock before an off-duty Guardia Civil managed to detain him. It is believed that the attacker, who has numerous police records, is the owner of the property where the victim was squatting.

Italian Policeman on the Island

An agent of the Carabinieri is now stationed on the island to assist the Guardia Civil in response to the large numbers of Italians holidaying and living on the island. There has been a huge influx of Italians on the island in recent years, with around 7000 Italians now officially resident in Fuerteventura – 5400 in the La Oliva municipality alone. The initiative is part of the Prüm Treaty which aims for closer cross-border cooperation in the fight against against trans-national crime and illegal migration.

Artificial Reef for Las Playitas?

The Ayuntamiento de Tuineje have launched an initiative to develop Las Playitas as a diving destination through the creation of artificial reefs. The Cabildo have commissioned a study and draft project, and the measure has been welcomed by local fishermen as well as the Playitas Resort Hotel (the principal Sports Hotel on Fuerteventura).

Josefa Hernandez’ Home Demolished

The house belonging to the woman, known in the Spanish press as the “Fuerteventura Grandmother”, was demolished by the Environmental Protection Agency on the 30th of January. The case rose to prominence in 2015 when the then 62 year-old woman was sentenced to six months in prison for illegally extending her home in Betancuria (an area with special building limitations). Although pardoned and released from prison after serving only a few days of her sentence, the order against the illegal extension stood until it was finally executed on Tuesday. Josefa extended her home in order to house three grandchildren and two children (one of whom is disabled) and has always insisted that she had verbal permission from local politicians.

More Buses between Corralejo and El Cotillo

Tiadhe have added two new buses to the number 8 route between Corralejo and El Cotillo in response to high demand. The new buses came into service on the 8th of January expanding the operating hours with the first bus departing El Cotillo at 7am. They have also expanded the number of direct buses (bypassing La Oliva) to four per day.

Cold Winter

After a long hot summer that lasted until the end of November, the winter has been a cold one by Fuerteventura standards. According to Aemet (the official Spanish Meteorological Agency), December was about 1 degree colder than normal and the end of January has seen several nights where inland locations have seen minimums of just over 8 degrees Celsius. The accompanying rain will be welcomed by many, as the island has endured a very long period of drought.

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