Fuerteventura News Summary April 2018

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Cruise Ships for Corralejo?

The La Oliva Council are investigating the possibility of bringing Cruise Ships to Corralejo. Although plans to expand the current port have not been finalised, the Ayuntamiento are proposing that large Cruise Ships could anchor offshore, with passengers tendered to Corralejo on smaller boats. The mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, believes that Corralejo could attract an extra 150,000 visitors per year from Cruise Ships, in a reference to the number of visitors that Puerto del Roasrio receives.

Marijuana Plantation

The Policia Nacional have detained two men in connection with a Marijuana Plantation that was discovered in an abandoned warehouse in Puerto del Rosario. Police were alerted by a citizen who had noticed a strong smell coming from the building while out walking. Inside, Police discovered 413 Marijuana plants along with a laboratory, chemicals, fertilisers and weighing equipment. The facility had artificial ventilation, extraction and lighting to accelerate production. The detained men (one Polish, and one Austrian) were charged with crimes against public health. Since the facility was connected directly to the electricity network without a meter, the Police are also investigating possible electricity fraud.

Clampdown on Camper Vans in El Cotillo

The Ayuntamiento of La Oliva handed out 17 fines during Easter week related to the unauthorised stationing of the Camper Vans at Playa de la Concha (El Cotillo). The actions followed the decision to ban the overnight stationing of Camper Vans at the beach by La Oliva council. The council have stated that the measure is designed to help the regeneration of the beach, and to prevent camper vans from depriving regular daytime beach users of access to parking.

Vandalised Rock Carvings

Ancient pre-European conquest rock carvings at Montaña de Enmedio (in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario) have been painted over with a Spanish flag. There have been several incidents of vandalism against pre-historic archaeological sites on the island in recent times, and the organisation Coordinadora Montaña de Tindaya have denounced on several occasions the lack of protection of these sites.

Sterilisation of Feral Cats

The Fuerteventura Cabildo have allocated €17,000 towards the sterilisation of feral cat colonies on the island. The Podemos Councillor who proposed the initiative, Silvia Peixoto, is visiting the various island municipal councils to promote the sterilisation of the feral animals as an alternative to mass extermination, as has happened in Madrid, where there is now a zero-sacrifice policy.

TV Reception Problems

Residents of Caleta de Fuste have been complaining that the television signal has deteriorated to the point where it is interrupted every three or four minutes. Neighbours from the Golf Course area have accused the Ayuntamiento de Antigua of failing to maintain the repeaters and have sought explanations from the Council.

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