Fuerteventura News Roundup – 22 October 2015

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More New Flights
Polish airline, Itaka, are adding 5 routes connecting Fuerteventura with Varsovia, Wroclav, Gdansk ,Poznan and Katowice for the winter season commencing on the 30th of October.
Lithuanian operator, Small Planet, will also add several routes for the winter season connecting Fuerteventura with Bremen, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Münster and Zurich.
Lufthansa add a Munich Flight every Sunday during the Winter Season starting on Sunday the 25th of October, departing from Munich at 09:00 and leaving Fuerteventura at 13:40.

Earth Tremor
A small earth tremor, measuring 2.7 on the Richter scale, was felt in the west of the island just after midnight on Sunday morning. Fortunately, it didn’t cause too much harm, with a broken pane of glass the worst of the damage reported. The epicentre was some 15 kilometres deep and 17 kilometres from Betancuria.

Votemos urge La Oliva Mayor to go
Local political party, Votemos La Oliva, have urged the mayor of La Oliva, Domingo González Arroyo, to step down and comply with a court sentence that banned him from working in any position related to a Municipal Council for 9 years. The leader of the Partido Popular in Fuerteventura was convicted of perverting the course of justice in June, but has yet to relinquish his position. The Mayor along with several other Municipal counsellors and workers were banned from office for offences relating to a quarry operated by a company owned by the Mayor.

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