Fuerteventura News Roundup – 10 December 2015

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Woman killed by partner in Puerto del Rosario
A 24 year-old Colombian woman was fatally stabbed by her partner during the early hours of Wednesday morning (9th December).
The assailant, a 33 year old Dominican man, attacked his partner with a knife in front of their six year-old son. Shortly afterwards, the attacker went to the Policia Nacional in Puerto del Rosario and confessed his actions, and the emergency services were sent to the scene, where they discovered that the woman was still alive. She was taken to Fuerteventura Hospital, and then later transferred to Gran Canaria Hospital due to the severity of her injuries. Sadly, the victim passed away during the afternoon. The woman had made a complaint against her partner last month, but later dropped the charges.
She is the third fatal victim of domestic violence in the Canary Islands this year.

Fatal Road Accident
A Soldier from Tenerife lost his life on Tuesday morning (8th December) when his vehicle left the road and crashed down a barranco between Vega de Rio Palmas and Pajara. Following a report of a crashed car, the emergency services were despatched to the scene, where they discovered the victim dead in the car with severe injuries caused by the crash.

19 Year-old accused of IS membership
A 19 year-old student was detained during the early hours of Tuesday morning, when agents from the Policia Nacional entered her family’s home in Morro Jable to make the arrest. The female student is accused of being a member of ISIS and of distributing terrorist propaganda and explosives and arms training materials.
Neighbours expressed surprise at the news, even though the police presence had been noted in the street during the past few weeks. The woman is the eldest of three daughters of Moroccan Immigrants, with both parents working in the Tourism sector in Fuerteventura.

Isla de Lobos Changes

Isla de Lobos
Isla de Lobos
The management of the Isla de Lobos Natural Park is to be transferred from the Cabildo to the state-owned company, Tragsa. The new administration will be expected to make improvements to waste collection on the island and to maintain the island’s visitor centre, pathways and toilets. Staff shortages while under the current management by the Fuerteventura Cabildo have meant that these facilitates were not always open, and it is expected that these services will improve under Tragsa.

It has also been announced this week that the pier on Isla de Lobos will be repaired and reconditioned by the Port Authority with a budget of €800,000. At the same time, the Fuerteventura Cabildo have complained that the work is inadequate and that the pier needs to be enlarged.

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