The Weather in Fuerteventura in December

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The weather can be quite mixed in Fuerteventura in December – there is a chance of several days of rain, but there could also be plenty of sunshine with mild evenings.

The sunset during an episode of Calima in December
The sunset during an episode of Calima in December

Daytime High Temperatures

Daily high temperatures range between 20 and 24°C, and don’t usually ever go above 30°C at this time of year.

Nightly Lows

The average nighttime low is 15.9°C at Fuerteventura Airport in December, however this has trended warmer in recent years, and there may even be some 20°C nights (especially in the South of the island). Away from the sea, temperatures may be a couple of degrees cooler. Nighttime temperatures can vary a lot during December and are very hard to predict: it could be 13°C or it could be 21°C! Our advice is to bring bring a jacket and some warmer clothes for the evening.


December is, on average, the rainiest month of the year in Fuerteventura with 5 to 6 days of rain over 0.1mm. Fuerteventura is a desert island though, and in some years there is no rain at all.

Cloud Cover

December can be one of the cloudier months in Fuerteventura with an average of around 3 completely overcast days during the month (at the Airport). As usual, the North of the island is cloudier than the south.


December is one of the least windy months on the island with an average wind speed of about 19kmph. While there can be some wet and windy days, there can also be some perfectly still sunny days.

Calima (Dust from the Sahara)

The Canary Islands can be affected by dust from the Sahara at this time of year if the wind turns to the east. However, since the Sahara is cooler in December, it does not bring soaring temperatures, just some unpleasant dusty haze.

Sea Temperatures

Sea Surface Temperatures drop to about 20°C at this time of year – on the cool side, but still okay for a quick refreshing dip on a sunny day. A summer wetsuit is advised if you plan to spend a long time in the water.

Sunset and Sunrise in December

The sun rises at around 07:45 and sets at around 18:00 in December.

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For accurate current temperature readings from Canary Islands Weather Stations, visit the Spanish State Meteorological service: Aemet

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