The Weather in Fuerteventura in April

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Daytime Highs

Daily high temperatures typically reach 22 – 24°C in April, with some days reaching 26 – 28°C. Sheltered spots in the sunshine will feel quite a bit warmer, and the sun can be very strong – so make sure you use plenty of sunscreen. The breeze can lure people into a false sense of security, leading to some nasty sunburn.

Playa de los Canarios
Playa de los Canarios in April

Nighttime Temperatures

Temperatures at night typically drop to around 16°C along the coast in April, though there can be a marked difference between the north and south of the island, with nightly lows 1-2°C warmer in Morro Jable than elsewhere. Locations exposed to the trade winds in the south, such as Costa Calma, can also be quite cool at night.

April Showers?

In Spain, there is a saying: “En abril, aguas mil” inferring to an abundance of rain, however, this does not apply to Fuerteventura. The island receives, on average, just two days of rain during April, and by ‘rain’ we mean days that receive more than 0.1mm. The average total rainfall during April is 5.3mm – a long term average brought up by the years that received torrential downpours. A more meaningful total is 2.1mm (median), and many years receive no rain at all. As with most months, the south of the island is drier than the north.

Cloud Cover

There are usually some clouds visible in the sky in April: this is most pronounced in the northern half of the island, and out over the sea. In Corralejo, it is sometimes overcast in the morning, but usually hot and sunny by the afternoon. The south of the island is mostly sunny all day, with a few clouds in the sky.


As the summer trade winds start to take hold, the north-easterlies become more constant and April gets an average wind speed of about 23kmph. This helps to keep the temperature down, but can also lead to a false sense of security with the strong sun. If you find it too windy on a given beach, it is worth exploring others nearby: for example, Playa del Matorral in Jandia is often very windy, while the neighbouring Playa de la Cebada in Morro Jable is usually sheltered. The beaches in Corralejo town are also generally less windy than the Corralejo Dunes.

Sea Temperature

The sea surface temperature is typically around 19°C in April, and many people are surprised to learn that the sea is actually warmer in December than it is in April. 19°C water will feel pretty cold to most, but is probably okay for a quick dip on a hot afternoon. Otherwise, if you plan to spend a long time in the water, you will probably want a summer wetsuit.

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For accurate current temperature readings from Canary Islands Weather Stations, visit the Spanish State Meteorological service: Aemet

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