Fuerteventura News Roundup April 2017

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Tragic 24 Hours

Two people lost their lives in the sea within 24 hours of each other at Cofete and Playa de la Pared on Fuerteventura’s west coast. The body of a drowned Danish tourist was found in the water at La Pared on the 23rd followed by that of a 70 year-old German man the next day at Cofete. The west coast of Fuerteventura is much wilder and more dangerous than the sheltered east and south coasts and should be treated with great caution.

Fuerteventura Cheese named best in Spain

A local cured goat’s cheese, the Maxorata Pimentón, won the best Spanish cheese award at the prestigious Salón del Gourmet 2017 held in Madrid. Two other cheeses by the same maker, the Maxorata Queso de Cabra Curado and Semicurado, won gold medals in their respective categories.

Armas Ferry crashes into pier at Las Palmas

One of the Armas ferries that connects Morro Jable in Fuerteventura with Las Palmas spectacularly crashed into the pier in Las Palmas on the 20th of the month. The ferry had just departed for Santa Cruz in Tenerife when a loss of power meant that the vessel could not take its normal course. Despite the crew’s efforts to turn the ferry around, even dropping an anchor, the ferry careered into the Nelson Mandela pier. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured, however it is estimated that 100,000 litres of diesel were spilled due to the rupturing of fuel lines on the pier. The vessel was able to return to port under its own steam shortly after the incident.

Armas Truck Stolen

April was a month to forget for Ferry Operator, Naviera Armas, when just days after the crash of the Ferry Tamasite in Las Palmas, a drunk woman stole a Naviera Armas truck from the port in Morro Jable and drove it as far as the motorway near Butihondo. The woman forced other trucks out of the way in order to leave the car park and left a trail of debris in her wake before being detained by police. It has been reported that, during her detention, the woman claimed to have stolen the truck to demonstrate what “any Muslim could do”.

Lucky Lottery Winner

A El Millón prize of one million euros was won by a ticket sold in Costa Calma at the end of March. The El Millón draw is a special supplementary part of the Euromillions draw available exclusively to Spanish residents. Tickets for both the Tuesday and Friday draws are entered into the weekly El Millón draw on Fridays. The ticket was sold at the Bazar Cañada in Costa Calma.