Fuerteventura News June 2017

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Good News for Residents

Since the 29th of June, Island Residents now receive a whopping 75% subsidy on inter-island flights and ferries. Operators have reported a huge increase in bookings since the increased subsidy came into effect. Also since the 29th of June, imported goods with a value below €150 are exempt from IGIC – though Tobacco, Alcohol and Perfume are still subject to the tax. Up until now, goods purchased online have been subject to IGIC and the associated customs clearance charges associated with collecting it. These charges often added up to more than the value of the goods themselves, making purchases from Amazon and other online retailers very expensive.

La Oliva Water Price drop

The price of water for domestic users in La Oliva has been slashed by more than 50%. Domestic users of less than 10 cubic meters per month will pay just €1.12 per cubic metre, reduced from €2.35. Water for Industrial and Tourist use will continue to be charged at €2.35 per cubic metre.

Fatal Stabbing in Corralejo

A 45 year-old Senegalese Man, resident of the island, was stabbed to death in Corralejo during the early hours of Sunday the 18th of June. Emergency services recovered his body from the water near Muelle Chico in the Centre of Corralejo. A 35 year-old Colombian man, known locally as ‘El Diablo’, has been charged with his murder. A 19 year-old woman and a 25 year-old Colombian man have been charged with harbouring a fugitive and attempting to dispose of the murder weapon (which was later recovered from the sea). The fight, involving the two men, broke out in Centro Comercial Atlantico and continued at the small pier where the victim died. The accused Colombian man had previously served a prison sentence for the attempted murder of a Moroccan man in 2010 – a crime which took place in the same part of Corralejo.

Two Men arrested over 2016 Murder

The Guardia Civil have arrested 2 Spanish men in connection with the murder of a 33 year-old Uruguayan man, Matías Gendra, whose body was found under a Viaduct in Jandia in February 2016. One of those arrested was serving a sentence in Lanzarote’s Tahiche prison for another offence. Forensic evidence indicated that the man had died by violent means and that the body had been transported in the boot of a car and dumped from the viaduct in attempt to make the death look like a suicide. It is thought that the murder was drug-related.

New Ikea Store
An Ikea Store
An Ikea Store
Ikea are planning to create a 4200m2 store in the Polígono Costa de Antigua (where they currently operate a small showroom and collection point). The project is in the parliamentary stages, but Ikea are hoping to open the full-size store in 2018.