May Weather in Fuerteventura

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Daytime High Temperatures

Temperatures typically reach 24°C in the afternoons in May – though this has been rising in recent years and you will likely encounter several 24 – 28°C days. There isn’t much variation in temperature around the coast of the island at this time of year, though temperatures in the interior may be higher.

Southern Fuerteventura in May, with Costa Calma and the Mountains of Jandia in the background.
Southern Fuerteventura in May, with Costa Calma and the Mountains of Jandia in the background.

Nighttime Lows

Temperatures drop at night to about 17°C on average, though this can vary quite a bit with some years averaging 16°C and others as high as 19°C. Morro Jable in the south tends to be at the higher end, with places like El Cotillo in the north at the cooler side. In summary, some nights may be tropical at this time of year, while there is still a chance of needing a light jacket or cardigan during cooler evenings.

Rain in May

Rain is pretty unlikely in May in Fuerteventura. The average total rainfall on the island during May is just 5.4mm, and the median closer to zero, meaning that, in most years, there is no rain at all.


The northern part of the island is often cloudy during the first half of the day at this time of year, with plenty of strong sunshine in the afternoon. The south of the island is usually sunny all day.


The trade winds (Alisios) are more constant at this time of year, meaning that there is a more continuous breeze. With this in mind, it is often a good idea to seek out those beaches that are protected from the prevailing North-easterly winds. If you are sunbathing in a breezy location, remember that the sun is very strong – many people don’t realise that they are getting badly burned because of the cooling breeze.

Sea Temperature

The sea remains fairly cold in May at just over 19°C. You might be surprised to learn that the sea is warmer in December in the Canaries than it is in May. Consequently, the sea might be warm enough for a quick refreshing dip at this time of year, but you’ll likely need a wetsuit if you plan to spend a long time in the water.

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