Fuerteventura Weekly News – 4th March 2016

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Northern Ireland Man Killed in Fuertevntura laid to rest
A Northern Irishman, who was killed in a traffic accident in Fuerteventura in February, was buried in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland on Tuesday (1st of March). The man, identified as Jim Campbell, was killed just hours after arriving on the island. He was struck while walking along the road in the dark from the Airport to Puerto del Rosario. The victim was struck by a second car, while the driver of the first car was contacting the emergency services. It is understood that the driver of the second vehicle was later tested positive for drugs.

More improvements for Tourist Areas
The Canarian Government and Fuerteventura Cabildo announced a series of works today (Friday 4th of March) that will affect following areas; the promenade in Giniginámar, the pedestrianisation of calle El Carmen in Tuineje, the surroundngs of Caleta de Fuste, the avenue between El Charco and Puerto del Rosario, Virgen del Carmen in Corralejo (La Oliva), the Betancuria Museum and the Avenida de Costa Calma.

Property Prices on the rise again
After near-continuous falling of prices since 2008, home prices are on the rise again. According to valuation firm, Tinsa, property prices in the Canary Islands rose year-on-year by 2.5% in February. Spanish property prices reaches a low in February 2015 – with an accumulated drop of 41% from the peak of the property bubble.

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