Fuerteventura Weekly News – 28th January 2016

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Improvements to Caleta de Fuste Beach
The Canarian Government has insisted that the improvements to the El Castillo Beach are continuing as planned and that the works are currently at the excavation stage. Rocks are being excavated so that the beach is more attractive even at low tide and so that the beach can be covered in an additional 100,000 cubic metres of sand. Currently the beach sees little use at low tide due to the rocky nature of the lower beach.

Storage Containers to be Removed
126 Storage Containers that were installed in the municipality of Pajara over 10 years ago are to be removed. The containers were intended for waste storage, but in may cases were never used.

Another Earth Tremor off the North West Coast
A Seismic movement measuring 3.3 on the Richter scale was recorded off the coast of El Cotillo during the early hours of Sunday Morning. The movement occurred at a depth of 12kms and was felt by locals. Experts attribute the recent seismic movements to a settling process.

Campaign to improve Safety for Cyclists
The Fuerteventura Cabildo has begun an initiative to improve road safety for cyclists with the installation of 20 road signs on the routes most used by Cyclists. A further 21 road signs will also be installed in important locations for cyclists so that other road users can anticipate their presence. A promotional video will also be distributed along with stickers and posters to further raise awareness among motorists. Finally, leaflets will be distributed to cyclists informing them of routes, local traffic norms and how to signal their intentions to other road users.

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