Fuerteventura News Summary June 2018

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Murder in Valle de Santa Inés

The body of 21 year-old Vanesa Santana was found at her home in Valle de Santa Inés on the 4th of June by her mother. Guardia Civil revealed that the victim had been killed by numerous blows from a blunt object, and suspected that the attacker was known to the victim. The victim’s cousin has since been detained, and subsequently charged, after he attempted to flee from the Guardia Civil. The suspected killer has a mental disability and is said to have been obsessed with his cousin. Guardia Civil have not ruled out that the suspected killer had accomplices, or co-operation in eluding the Guardia Civil investigation.

Two soldiers killed during Military Manoeuvres

Two soldiers were killed at the firing range in Pajara when their vehicle overturned during during military manoeuvres on the 1st of June. The soldiers, named as José Luis León Socorro and Eynar Esau Mina Lozano were both based in Gran Canaria. Two other soldiers that had also been travelling in the vehicle were injured and were transferred to Fuerteventura Hospital.

Fuerteventura en Música Cancelled

The Fuerteventura en Música Festival, which was due to take place in El Cotillo on the 6th and 7th of July has been cancelled by the Fuerteventura Cabildo (Island local Government). The Cabildo blamed a new public contracting law which they say would have prevented them from contracting the required services in time. The president of the El Cotillo Business Association has estimated that the cancellation will cost around a million euros, and local hotels have already seen the cancellation of the majority of bookings for the affected weekend.

Migrant Internment Centre Closed

The Fuerteventura Centro de Internamiento de Extranjeros (CIE), located in El Matorral, has been closed. Although the centre hadn’t actually housed an immigrant since 2012, the centre was costing over a million euros per year to maintain. The centre was opened in response to the waves of illegal immigrants arriving by small boats from North Africa during the 2000s – which at its peak saw the simultaneous arrival of up to 1000 illegal immigrants. However in recent years the number of immigrants arriving has dropped and most immigrants arriving by boat are either intercepted at sea or arrive in Lanzarote or Gran Canaria. Spain’s new Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, announced the closure of the centre, and considers that the centres in Gran Canaria and Tenerife will have sufficient space to house immigrants during the coming years.

Corralejo Town Beach Closed Again

After considerable work to find the source of a previous contamination earlier this year, the beach at Muelle Chico in Corralejo has been closed yet again because of the detection of E.Coli bacteria in the water. In February, the local council found five buildings not connected properly to the waste network, as well as two unknown septic tanks, which were all fixed or closed. Following three months of clean water tests (carried out every four days), the beach was then re-opened, so it has come as a great surprise to find a new contamination problem. The council have now contracted a specialist firm to search for the source of the latest issue using coloured dyes to test for ruptured pipes in nearby buildings.

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