Fuerteventura News Roundup 21st January 2016

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Padron list drops by 4000 in Pajara
Following the recent loss of 4000 residents from the municipality of Pajara’s Padron list, the Ayuntamiento has launched a campaign to encourage residents to enrol on the list. Many resident foreigners that live in areas such as Costa Calma, La Pared and La Lajita do not bother to enrol themselves or are not aware of the need to do so. The size of the official list greatly affects the budget of the Municipality and therefore its ability to provide basic services such as rubbish collection to its residents.

Stone Panel hailed as Canarian “Rosetta Stone”
A recently examined Stone Panel from Fuerteventura may be the key to understanding ancient Aboriginal Canarian writing, because it contains words in Berber and Libyan script as well as an ancient Canarian script. The stone panel has the words “Son of Makuran and of Timamsi, daughter of Timamasi” in ancient Libyan and “Son of Makuran” in early Berber script.

Turtles released

Loggerhead Turtle in Morro Jable
A Loggerhead Turtle at the Centre for Recuperation and Conservation of Turtles in Morro Jable.
The first turtle release of 2016 took place last weekend at Cofete beach. Eight turtles were released as part of an ongoing reintroduction program of Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta caretta) to the island.

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