Fuerteventura News Roundup – 09 January 2016

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Daring Rescue of Fin Whale

Two young men from Morro Jable, César Espino and Gustavo Ponce, took part in the stunning rescue of a Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus) which had become hooked and entangled in the remains of an illegal long line. Armed with only a knife, snorkel and mask, they managed to cut the whale free after finding the stricken animal some two miles off the coast of Morro Jable.

Burglar Detained
The Guardia Civil have detained a man thought to be responsible for a spate of recent burglaries in Costa Calma. The 20 year-old suspect is accused of 40 robberies from tourist accommodation.

Tuineje Ayuntamiento Pay Rise
Opposition parties, PP and PSOE, have denounced the pay rise that the governing councillors have awarded themselves in Tuineje Town Hall. The governing group, made of of members of CC, PPM and NC recently awarded themselves a 25% pay rise, bringing the Municipality’s expenditure on Personnel and Current Account expenses to 93% of the total budget.

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