Mirador de Morro Velosa

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Enjoy panoramic views over the centre of the Island and the town of Antigua from this stunning location on top of Montaña Tegú (669m). The César Manrique-designed centre offers coffee and snacks and entry is free. Address Lugar Morro Velosa, … Continued

Ecomuseo de La Alcogida

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This working folk park recreates a traditional Fuerteventuran agricultural Hamlet complete with farm animals. The visitor can enter each of the restored dwellings and farm buildings, some of which have working artisans inside. The traditionally hand-made aniseed-flavoured bread is delicious … Continued

Cueva del Llano

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The Cueva del Llano (literally Cave of the Plain) is a volcanic tube that has been gradually filled with sediments over the last million years. The Interpretive Centre and guided tour of the accessible part of the cave offer a … Continued

Museo de la Sal

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The Fuerteventura Salt Museum is located beside the El Carmen Salt Pans (just south of Caleta de Fuste). The actual Salt Pans themselves date back to the early 20th century and are maintained and still used to produce salt to … Continued

Museo del Grano La Cilla

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Visitors to Fuerteventura will probably be surprised to learn that the island was once said to be the ‘Granary of the Canary Islands’. Poor land management and over-grazing have contributed to the semi-desert landscape that we see today. The Museo … Continued

Poblado de La Atalayita

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The village of primitive stone dwellings at La Atalayita dates back to before the Spanish Conquest to the Island’s aboriginal Majo population who are thought to be of Berber origin. After the conquest local Shepherds continued to use the site, … Continued