August Weather in Fuerteventura

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Daytime Highs

August is the hottest month of the year in Fuerteventura with daily highs of between about 27°C and 34°C at the Airport (East Coast). Other parts of the island, especially the interior and south, can be even hotter, reaching the high 30s or even 40s (Celsius).

Playa del Mal Nombre in August

Nighttime Lows

At night, temperatures don’t usually drop below 20°C, with an average low of 21.5°C. In other words, the perfect temperature to enjoy Tapas outside on a terrace at night, but air conditioning will be welcome back at your Hotel room.


Rain is highly unusual in August, though in some years there may be a few brief drops should the weather come from the south. Rain above 0.1mm would be a freakish event at this time of year.

Cloud Cover

August is the sunniest month in Fuerteventura, though there may be some cloud cover in the morning in the north of the island. There is usually some haze even when the wind is from the north.


The Trade Winds tend to dominate at this time of year, and August has the second highest average wind speed (after July). That said, it doesn’t tend to be gusty, just a constant breeze. It is often worth seeking out sheltered beaches, as some beaches (e.g. Playa Esmeralda) can be very windy at this time of year. It is also worth noting that the cooling effects of the wind mean that you might not realise that you are being sunburnt – the UV Index is pretty extreme in August in Fuerteventura.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature is usually 22°C at this time of year and warmer at sheltered beaches and lagoons by the afternoon.

Calima (Dust from the Sahara)

If there is a Calima in August, it will be uncomfortably hot with temperatures of around 40°C. The air quality will be pretty poor as well, and the local authorities may advise people not to exercise outdoors if it is a bad one.

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